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CFLCA wants to highlight your neighborhood at an upcoming General Meeting! We would love to learn what is unique and special about your neighborhood.  Share with us the top priorities of your neighborhood and even your recent successes!  We are excited to get to know you.

At our upcoming general meetings, neighborhood associations leaders from multiple neighborhoods will be encouraged to present a 60-second “elevator speech” to introduce their neighborhood.  Let’s get to know each other.  We look forward to engaging more directly in peer-led conversations on a monthly basis.

Complete and return this CFLCA Member Highlights Form to [email protected] if you want to sign up in advance of next month’s meeting!

Special Thanks to Keith Farrell from CFLCA


To:                   Chris Lagerbloom, City Manager, City of Fort Lauderdale

From:              Colleen Lockwood, President, CFLCA

Date:               April 3rd, 2020

Subject:           Acknowledgement of Keith Farrell, Senior Fellow, Neighbor Support


Dear Chris,

The Council of Fort Lauderdale Civic Associations has been privileged to work with Neighbor Support for many years; we applaud Hal Barnes and his entire team.

On behalf of the Council, I want to call attention to Keith Farrell in particular for his outstanding efforts.  Much of his support occurs outside of public periphery but please know we have greatly benefited from the many innovations he has helped implement and the extensive dedication he has shown in helping our neighborhoods be more engaged, be better informed, be better citizen leaders.

All of us on the Council can attest to Keith’s brilliance and thoughtful approach to resolving issues.  He is generous in his support, often going beyond what is expected.

With our increased reliance on technology during the pandemic, we are especially grateful for his leadership in facilitating our virtual meetings.

Keith has shown through his actions and his hard work that he cares, and he has truly made a difference for our neighborhoods.

Our partnership with the City of Fort Lauderdale is highly valued and is in no small measure because of people like Keith and you of course.  We are grateful and look forward to continuing our support of the good work of the City.

For all of the above and more, we, the board and general membership of the Council, representing all of the neighborhoods of the City of Fort Lauderdale, formally acknowledge Keith Farrell for his professionalism, dedication and integrity.


Colleen Lockwood

President, CFLCA

Dedication of Woodlawn Cemetery

Neighbors, Commissioners and City/State Staff joined in the unveiling of a Florida Historical Marker at Woodlawn Cemetery. The cemetery, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, dates back to the 1920s during a time when African-Americans were not allowed to be buried in traditional cemeteries. It served as the final resting place of many of Fort Lauderdale’s pioneering African-American residents whose contributions played a significant role in the development of the City.

Commissioners McKenzie and Glassman

HOA Presidents Micky Hinton and Edna Elijah second and fourth from the left

Stone Columns with the names of family members 


2016 Winner of the Celebrate Success Award


We are so pleased to announce the first recipient of the “Celebrate Success Award. Laura Croscenco, Past President of the Middle River Terrace Civic Association will be honored for her relentless campaign to protect the health of our children. Her passion for “Smoke Free” parks and beaches resulted in the City’s adopting a pilot program to install voluntary no smoking signs in five playgrounds in our neighborhood parks. CFLCA passed a resolution supporting her efforts and the City Commission adopted the program. Thanks also to the Civic Associations who volunteered to participate in the program Victoria Park, Imperial Point, Flagler Village and Tarpon River.

Really new CFLCA logo

Please join CLFCA during our monthly meetings to CELEBRATE SUCESS. Has your association had a successful event or program?  Whether its big or small we want to hear about it. Even if it had some small flaws, come and share your stories. Help your association be the best it can be.  Successes will be acknowledged during our monthly meetings held the 2nd Tuesday of each month. Just fill out the nomination form and return to the above address or email it to [email protected]

Better yet bring your completed form to the next CLFCA meeting. We are looking forward to seeing you there and listening to your stories of success.

CLFCA Nomination Celebrate Success Form:


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Please list the Cons if any_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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Winners will be showcased in the Council Corner Newsletter