Council Corner

Next CFLCA General Meeting Via Zoom on 9/8/20

September CFLCA General Meeting will be held via Zoom on 9/8/2020.  Scheduled guests will include:

  • Zoie Saunders, City of Fort Lauderdale Chief Education Officer
  • Chris Lagerbloom, City of Fort Lauderdale City Manager
  • Dean Trantalis, City of Fort Lauderdale Mayor
  • Dr. “JJ” Rajter, Critical Care Medicine & Pulmonary Medicine


Please tell us your thoughts on the needs in our City stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic and the affect on education/childcare.  We’d also like to make sure your questions for the City Manager are covered!  Please use the “Contact Us” feature to get your questions on the list in advance.

CFLCA General Meeting 8/11/2020 6:30 PM via ZOOM

City Manager Chris Lagerbloom will be speaking at our August 11, 2020 Zoom general meeting.  City Manager Lagerbloom has agreed to speak on the FY 2021 Proposed Budget.

Click HERE to view the FY 2021 Proposed Budget.

The Office Management and Budget Office has prepared a Balancing Act simulation based upon FY 2021 General Fund revenue forecasts and proposed operating budgets. The simulation includes all decision package requests submitted by operating departments and indicates the decision package requests that are included in the FY 2021 Proposed Budget.  Click HERE to use “Balancing Act.”

The aforementioned can also be found on the City’s Annual Budget webpage.  Please submit your questions in advance using the “Contact Us” feature on our homepage.

Reminder: CFLCA Summer Meeting Schedule

Please note that there will be no CFLCA General Meeting in July, 2020.  The Next CFLCA General Meeting will take place on August 11, 2020.  Additionally, there will be no CFLCA Board Meeting in June.  The next CFLCA Board Meeting will take place on July 27, 2020.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic all meetings are conducted via Zoom until further notice.

Agenda CFLCA GM 5/12/2020 via Zoom.


Please monitor your email for Zoom meeting login details for the 5/12/2020 CFLCA General Meeting. A special election for 1st VP will be held and confirmed Guests Are:

  • State Representative Chip LaMarca – Statewide perspective on our economy, re-open plans and unemployment
  • JJ Rajter, MD – Healthcare perspective on our health systems capacity, testing, treatment and potential vaccines
  • Tim Petrillo, Co-Founder/CEO, The Restaurant People and Michael Weymouth, President, The Las Olas Company – Preparations underway for re-opening within the local business community
  • Chris Lagerbloom, City Manager – Updates of the City Re-Open Plans