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Minutes of MARCH 12 2019 General Membership Meeting

CFLCA GM Meeting Minutes 03_12_2019


March 12, 2019 6:30 PM

8thfloor Commission Conference Room, City Hall

Call to order 7pm


ROLL CALL – Quorum

REVIEW AND ACCEPTANCE:  Motion to approve the minutes of February 12, 2019 accepted





Bonnie Clearwater, Director & Chief Curator and Anna Sorensen, Associate Director of   Development, NSU Art Museum Fort Lauderdale – follow-up March 7th Freida Kahlo event.

  • Thanks/available to neighborhoods/lectures and various offerings and provided gift bags.

Alain Boileau, City Attorney, Alcohol Ordinance

  • Jackie Scott- Collee Hammock examples Ann’s Florist and then 2 spas next door to each other & should be BOA be doing this when commissioners are the ones who answer to us
    • Marilyn Mammano- summarize where we are and options of: do nothing, oppose, ask for it to be deferred, revisit whole issue in future
    • Christina Currie- restate not to ignore feedback of residents and note distance remarks
    • Alain Boileau, City Attorney-1997 Changes to code BOA begins special exemption authority upon showing not in conflict w/ pub. Interest. 2018 City Attorney realizes have been not following hard ship criteria properly/don’t have authority. Hardship wasn’t being strictly followed.  Stopped the process and temp. permission granted to a few which are expiring soon.  Purpose of change to accommodate past, conform, recognize a more comprehensive look at this ordinance is being requested. Also adding 47-24.12 conformation and ULDR lang. to the 2ndreading.
    • Q/Comments
      • Concern of requests flooding in
      • BOA needs more specific criteria if doing this response is that policy is a commissioner issue
      • Request of public notice requirements and it will be referenced in new change.
    • Motion by Michael Albetta to Defer the 2ndReading of the Alcohol Ordinance 2ndby Jerry Jordan-motion passes unanimous

            Ella Parker, Fort Lauderdale, Urban Design and Planning Manager – Downtown    Comprehensive Plan

    • 2003 adopt, update 2007, codifications of what is in master plan (quantitative guidelines)
      • Tower space 60 ft between towers, floor plate sizes (bulk), max. building length, transition zones, open space looking to %’s, codify streetscape design
      • Ella will email presentation for posting this is only QUANTATIVE changes.
      • This does not cover SW & NW RAC repeated multiple times.
      • Map & legal descriptions will be more clear



Presidents Report

    • Membership renewal time reminder
    • Q’s email to council website for City Manager

Membership Report

  • Elections for board 2019/2021
      • President Colleen Lockwood
      • 1stVP Stan Eichelbaum
      • 2ndVP Deborah Rosenbaum
      • Corresponding Sec. Mary Peloquin
      • Recording Sec. Christina Currie
      • Treasurer Brucie Cummins
      • D.1 Jim Concannon
      • D.2 Michael Albetta
      • D.3 Cathy Stubbs
      • D. 4 Kelly Manning
      • Chair of Committees Dennis Ulmer
      • Motion to accept 2ndall in favor all candidates get position no oppose

Committee Report

Member Events

    • St. Patrick’s Day Parade- information on website
    • Floridian Breakfast April 2ndor 3rdbenefitting Ron’s favorite charity Downtown Civ. Assoc. sponsored event.





Subjects and Questions for City Manager at the April Meeting

Alcohol Zoning Ordinance – City Commission meeting



                        Hope you all voted today!


ADJOURN Motion to adjourn accepted 8:30pm

*Indicates voting items or may be a voting item

Next Board Meeting March 25, 2019

Next General Membership Meeting April 9, 2019