November 2008 General Meeting

November 10th, 2008
8TH FLOOR Commission Chamber

CALL TO ORDER by President, Genia Ellis at 7:30 PM followed by the
ROLL CALL BY First VP, Dr. Hayes, and a quorum of 19 members are present. Sign In Sheets
MEETING MINUTES of October 14th, 2008 moved by Dr. Hayes and accepted as submitted unanimously. (Attachment B
TREASURERS REPORT for dated October 31st,2008 was submitted for review by Treasurer, Ron Centamore and it was moved by Dave Marshall and accepted unanimously.

1. Carlton Moore, District Commissioner for District III, was presented a plaque from the Council recognizing his twenty plus years of service to the Citizens of Fort Lauderdale. The event was celebrated by a cake, also in his honor.
2. Police Captain Luis Alverez presented a new program by the Fort Lauderdale Police that has pulled together several special units to form a Street Crimes Unit that operates 24/7 with three full shifts of personnel. This Special Unit has already been very effective with not only arrest, but in surveillance of future operations of suspected criminal elements. There was a discussion about rumors of Police quotas. The Captain explained there never has been any quotas as there are other ways to judge an officers performance. Arrest records do support a lack of performance, if it below other similar patrols. It is not just the only method of managing the bench marking an officer’s performance.

New Business:
1. Ad Hoc Code reform Committee Report œ Richard Mancuso stated that the Fast Track items will be presented at November 18th, 2008 Commission meeting as a consent Agenda item.
2. The Mobility Chair, Reid Morgan reported no volunteers have come forward to assist on this Goal of the Council. Therefore Reid will review the different articles listed and make recommendations to the Council per conversations with City and County staffs.
3. There was a request by Genia to establish a nominating Committee for new Officers and District delegates to be announced in January and voted in February. The committee will consist of Reid Morgan, Drew Pickens, Dennis Ulmer, Doug Sterner and Donna Mergenhagen.
4. A committee for the Centennial celebration of Ft Lauderdale has been formed obn behalf of the Council with Dr. Elizabeth Hays, Tim Smith and Donna Mergenhagen volunteering to be our representatives.


1. Ad Hoc Code Reform Committee Report was updated by Richard Mancuso stating that on November 18th 2008 it will be on the City Agenda for FAST TRACK items.
2. Winter contract has been approved.
3. 2007 NCIP item for Trinity Lutheran Church has a problem with the street closure and has been revised to reflect speed humps, signage and the installation of a school Zone notice.

For the Good Of the Community:

1. Christmas Party will be December 9th, 2008 at the City Hall and will start 6 pm. The Council will furnish ham and turkey, drinks and paper goods. Members are to bring a covered dish to share – vegetables, salads, desserts, breads or other special foods. Please invite everyone to come .

Meeting was adjourned at 8:15 pm

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