November 2008 Board Meeting

November 24, 2008
Board Meeting Minutes
8TH FLOOR Commission Chamber

CALL TO ORDER by President Genia Ellis at 5:30 PM.

ROLL CALL BY President,  Board members present were Reid Morgan, Betty Shelly, Betty Hayes, Ray Dettman and Tom Welch with Ron Centamore and Richard Mancuso excused, but Dave Marshall, Cathy Curry and Gabriel Ocasio-Davila were absent without reason.

MEETING MINUTES of October 27, 2008 were motioned to approve by Tom Welch and seconded by Betty Hays.

Treasurers Report- Ron Centamore –There was no report as it has not changed since being submitted at the November General meeting.


1. Questions for Candidates are due by December 1st, 2008 to Betty Shelley or Genia Ellis.
2. The Annual Christmas/Winter Party will be held on December 9th, 2008 at 6pm in City hall 8th floor. The Council will furnish the meat and set ups and drinks. Everyone is invited, but each should bring a covered dish or bread or dessert.
3. Centennial Committee for the City has been formed and we need to discuss the Council involvement over the next several months.

1. Richards report is attached for the status of the Ad Hoc Code reform Status.
2. The Fast Track items were presented on November 18th, 2008 Commission Meeting as an Agenda Item we passed. The attached item D is the approved items.
3. The 2007 Council NCIP Grant request is in and the street closure request By Trinity Lutheran Church at SW 1st Ave at FEC RR tracks at the Commission meeting of November 4th Commission meeting and the request is now for placement of speed tables. The support of members is appreciated.
4. Minutes for the Education Advisory Board and the Parks Goals meeting minutes were attached and have been posted on the Council Web Page.

For the Good of the Committee:
1. Several neighborhoods had forwarded a request to the Council to ask candidates to please wait to install yard election signs until after the holiday season.  This request will be transmitted to the candidates as a suggestion.
2. There are several upcoming CVC Projects and flyers provided as they are announced.
3. Council Members are encouraged to attend as many of the Candidate Forums as possible to become familiar with all of the candidates and their positions on important issues to the city and the Council.

Motion to adjourn at 6:10pm.