May 2008 General Meeting

May 13, 2008
General Meeting
8th Floor
City Hall

CALL TO ORDER by President, Genia Ellis at 7:30 PM followed by the PLEDGE of ALLEGIANCE.

ROLL CALL BY First VP, Dr. Hayes and a quorum of 22 members are present.

MEETING MINUTES of April 8th, 2008 moved and accepted as submitted unanimously.

TREASURERS REPORT was provided by Treasurer, Ron Centamore and it was moved and accepted unanimously.


1. State Representatives Jack Seiler and Ellyn Bogdanoff made a presentation on the last session of the Florida Legislature for 2008. The update took about 25 minutes with questions and answers. The summary basically revolved around the reduction of the budget due to the latest economic crisis.  Copies of the Legislative Summary from the Whip will be provided via e-mai through Corresponding Secretary David Marshall.

2.  Ad hoc Committee €œRichard Mancuso gave a brief description of the latest series of meetings since the Planning Director quit. They had meetings with Greg Bruton and the RFPÃs are back from consultants and the results resulted in 4 finalist. The City staff have selected a finalist for presentation to the Commission on May 20th, 2008.

3. Sub Committee Report on the DRC Process and Customer Service improvements     is being assembled and M. Mathias of the AIA is hoping to work successfully with its members and the Building Department.

New Business:

1. The Citywide Yard Sale report was presented by Genia Ellis held on the past May 3, 2008. The net resulted in a gain to the treasury of $1,047.01.

2. Hal Barnes discussed the date for the Florida Neighborhood Conference in Tallahassee on June 26-28, 2008. The City will sponsor 2 members from each neighborhood for the cost of the convention only. There are buses scheduled at a minimal cost. Food and hotel expenses are not covered. The county is providing a bus to Tallahassee will be around $10 round trip. There may be other space available if other Civic Associations choose not to attend.

3. There will be changes for the next General meeting date due to the City Commission changes. The current projection is to move it to June 3rd in lieu of June 10th as planned. The BOD also needs to change due the 26th is a holiday. This will be done by email. Old Business: 1. Committee reports by Richard Mancuso will be delayed until new Chair is selected for the Crime Committee. The other Goals Committee need to report into Richard. 2. The Chair of the Candidates Forum Betty Shelley announced the dates are set for the January 29th, 2009 and February 26th all at 7pm at the City Commission Cambers.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:56pm