January 2008 General

Minutes – January 07, 2008 – General Meeting

January 7th, 2008
8TH FLOOR Commission Chamber

CALL TO ORDER by President Eugenia Duncan Ellis at 7:30 PM followed by the
ROLL CALL BY 2nd VP Tom Welch confirmed a quorum of members were present.
MEETING MINUTES of October 9th, 2007 moved by Dr. Hayes and accepted as submitted . There were no minutes of the November meeting as it was the Neighborhood services night and December meeting was the Annual Christmas Party.
TREASURERS REPORT was provided by Treasurer, Ron Centamore and it was moved by Dave Marshall and accepted. ANNOUNCEMENTS/GUEST INTRODUCTIONS
1. Robert Wolfe €œ Office of the Property Appraiser €œ Broward county made a presentation on the proposed Property Tax Amendment No.1 to be voted on January 29th, 2008. He handed out copies of the Property Appraisers Newsletter where in it explained the four parts of this amendment. It was further recommended that everyone go online to www.BCPA.net to see the calculator to your properties that would take in the Tax Year 2008/09. In addition, he asked that property owners go on-line and complete the Property Appraisers Questionnaire and verify the floor plan on record and make appropriate changes. He encouraged residents to vote on January 29th.
2. State representative Jack Seiler was recognized and offered his comments of support to the proposed amendment. He went on to stay this may be the only opportunity for change for a while until the Tax Reform Committee meets this summer and with the next election being over two years away. Representative Seiler did say that Rep. Nick Thomas is working on a change that might offer another option during the November 2008 election, should the January 29th Proposed Tax Amendment not be successful.
3. Marilyn Mammano from the Community Appearance Board and the WOW Awards made a short presentation encouraging Civic Associations need to get more active in the nominating of more properties. She said it would help their committee find better selections. They are working hard to develop a better partnership with the neighborhood associations.
1. Ad hoc Committee €œRichard Mancuso gave a brief description of the latest series of meeting since the Planning Director left the city. The RFP is being drafted to hire a consultant to assist the City in implementing the proposed building and zoning changes as well as including updated guidelines. It is anticipated that the RFP will be released by the end of January and awarded in the next 60 days. It was further reported that the Board of Directors had voted to recognize and honor explained by Richard that Courtney Crush and Gus Carbano at the February 12, 2008 meeting with plaque and a small gift certificate.
2. DRC Sub Committee A short report by Richard indicated that the committee will complete their recommendations during January and present the findings to the Board. The Board will review and report to the membership at the February meeting.

New Business:
1. The next years meeting dates are attached in this months packet and on the web.
2. The February meeting will be our goal setting actions for the upcoming year 2008/09.
3. The first of three Crime Walks will be on January 11, 2008 at the Mizell Center at 1409 Sistrunk. Participation in all three will result in CVC points so be sure to have at least one neighborhood representative sign in at the reception area. It was also reported that Progresso Village and SMRA will be the February and March Crime Walks.
Old Business:
1. Crime Committee new Chair (Ron Centamore) announced the next meeting on January 16th, Wednesday in City Hall Cafeteria at 5:30pm.
2. The Neighborhood Services Night in October was reported to be very successful and it will not be held again until 2009/10.
3. The Annual Christmas Party was fun and fulfilling thanks to the BOD who volunteered to decorated and serve the great food.

For the good of the Community:
The City Hollywood has invited Genia Ellis to come and present on behalf of the City of Fort Lauderdale, information about their Neighborhood Recognition Program and the CVC at their January evening meeting. Ms. Ellis has also been asked to come to the Hollywood Council of Civic Associations on January 21, 2008 to discuss how CFLCA addresses key issues.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:51pm

Next General Meeting is February 12, 2008 at 7pm at the 8th floor City Hall