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Feb. 2021 Nominating Committee Report

Amended  Report of the CFLCA 2021 Election Nominating Committee

Pursuant to the By Laws of the Council of Fort Lauderdale Civic Association we are submitting this report on behalf of the Nominating Committee for the 2021-2022 Officers and Board of Directors. The Committee is required to provide a proposed slate of officers and directors at the February General Meeting in odd years. Nominations can be taken from the membership up to and including the March General Membership at which time the nominations are closed and a vote taken.

At the January 12, 2021 General Membership Meeting the following members of the Nominating Committee were approved:

District 1 Linda Mannix-Burt

District 2 Barbara Weinstein

District 3 Frankie Lane

District 4 Barbara Magil

The Immediate Past President is also a member of the Nominating Committee.

Dennis Ulmer, Chair of Committees facilitated a virtual meeting of the members which took place January 27 2021. At that meeting  Immediate Past President Marilyn Mammano was elected as Chair. The Committee proceeded to discuss the current board members who volunteered to remain or change positions and new volunteers who indicated a willingness to serve.

The eligibility of all the volunteers to serve was verified by the current 1st Vice President Mary Peloquin who also serves as the Membership Chair. She also confirmed that all of their respective neighborhood organizations are members in good standing with the Council.

The proposed slate is:

President, Colleen Lockwood

1st Vice President, Mary Peloquin

2nd Vice President, Luis Castillo

Corresponding Secretary, Jim Concannon

Recording Secretary, Cathy Stubbs

Treasurer, Melinda Bowker

District 1, Abby Laughlin Coral Ridge Association

District 2, Michael Albetta Lakewood Civic Association

District 3, Vacant (volunteer Frankie Lane Rock Island Homeowners Association*)

District 4, Vacant (volunteer Barbara Magill Lauderdale Harbors Association*)

Chair of Committees, Dennis Ulmer


* Members of the Nominating Committee who want to volunteer must be nominated from the floor


Respectfully Submitted February 9 2021

Marilyn Mammano, Chair