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Add A Vision Zero Presentation To Your Next Agenda


The following is a message from the City of Fort Lauderdale offering to bring to your members a presentation regarding Vision Zero. The Council will be following the progress of Vision Zero and making reccommendations regarding it’s implementation. You might want to share this information with your members at meeting this fall.

Dear President-

As you may know, the City of Fort Lauderdale adopted Vision Zero Fort Lauderdale in late 2015.  Vision Zero is  a community action plan geared toward achieving zero fatalities and serious injuries on our streets.  Fort Lauderdale was ranked 2nd in the nation in 2013 for pedestrian fatalities.  Vision Zero is being adopted across the US, and it’s holistic approach has reduced traffic fatalities in New York City by 22% in 2 years.  Fort Lauderdale needs your help.  We would like to come a present at your next general membership meeting on the Vision Zero efforts and then do a 15-minute interactive session called “Walkwise”.  This presentation will take about 25 minutes total and has been very well received by audiences so far.

Walking safely in our neighborhoods is important to all of us.  I look very forward to your favorable response in allowing us to present to you and your neighbors soon.  Please call me with any questions.


Christine W. Fanchi, PE, PTP Livability Planner

City of Fort Lauderdale  |  Transportation & Mobility Department

290 N.E. 3rd Avenue  |  Fort Lauderdale, FL  33301

P 954-828-5226[email protected]