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September 2013 General Meeting Minutes – Draft

Fort Lauderdale Council of Civic Associations
General Meeting Minutes – DRAFT
September 10, 2013

City Hall, 8th Floor Conference Room

1)    Call to Order:  The meeting was called to order by President Mammano at 7:30 pm.

2)    Pledge: Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America

3)    Roll Call:  First VP Centamore called attendance and declared a quorum.

4)    Review and Acceptance of the Minutes:  Minutes of the August 2013 meeting were approved as presented.

5)    Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer’s Report Attached

6)    Police/Fire Report: 

Captain Appel gave the Police Report and the Batalion Chief Jo-Ann Lorber of the Fire Department gave the Fire Report. Two main notes of interest was the September 11 Memorial held at the Fire Museum on September 11, and the upcoming CERT classes to be held October 26 & November 2.

7)    Announcements: Tonight’s Special Meeting is the Annual Legislative Round Up for the City of Fort Lauderdale.

8)    Guest Introductions:  Invited Guests are as follows:

Representative George Moralities – District 93: In Attendance. Focus:  Creating Private Jobs at Port Everglades, Constituent Servicing, and expressed interest in the Legislative Committee’s Legislative Priorities. Left meeting early.

Representative Gwendolyn Clark-Reed – District 92: In Attendance. Focus: Sober Housing, Parasailing Safety, Civil Citation against the Youth

Representative Perry E Thurston, JR – District 94: Did not attend though invited.

Senator Maria Sachs – District 34: In Attendance. Focus: Property Insurance, Veteran Homes, Transportation. Left meeting early.

Senator Eleanor Sobel – District 33: Did not attend though invited.

9)    President’s Report:

President Mammano raised concerns with the Legislature Representatives regarding Slap Suits in Florida and the situation with the CBA. Aldo, President Mammano reviewed an email exchange with the mayor regarding the allotted time for neighborhood President’s to speak at a Commission Hearing when a major debate is on the table affecting a neighborhood on a grand scale.

10)    Old Business:

Public Participation and Neighborhood Compatibility continues to be a concern among the neighborhoods, their allowed time to present neighborhood concerns and presentations, and the lack of a District Commissioner ate such hearings. Continued expression of concern was raised concerning the Quiet Zones with the upcoming plans of All Aboard Florida.

11)    Committee Reports:

A) Legislative Committee: Provided a great evening with our legislative representatives and committed to the Council and our representatives continued involvement and engagement between the Legislative Committee and their offices.

B) The Public Participation Committee is diligently reviewing the ideas offered at the Council and by resident s regarding the Public Participation Ordinance. Committee meeting was scheduled for later in the month.

C) Suggestion has been made that a Code Committee be formulated to deal with code enforcement concerns and policies such as the ones brought up by Mr. Don Zimmer. It was expressed some of the code is ambiguous and open to interpretation and unclear. Request was made to get neighborhoods to consider this an item of further importance.

12)    For the Good of the Community:

Amber Van Buren from Broward Meals on Wheels  (BMOW) gave an overview of the BMOW program and explained the need for the elderly to have animal companion ship though at times the elderly will give their own food to the animals. BMOW went home with bags of dog and cat food to assist in this effort. For more information please view the www.bmow.org web site.

13)    Adjournment:  The meeting was adjourned at 8:56 pm.

Respectfully Submitted, Shannon Harmeling, Recording Secretary