August 2012 General Meeting


August 14, 2012
General Membership Meeting
8th Floor Conference Room, City Hall


ROLL CALL – After a call of the roll by the Treasurer, it was determined that a quorum was present

REVIEW AND ACCEPTANCE: Meeting Minutes – June 12, 2012. Amended to reflect discussion and vote on proposed changes to City-wide parking regulations. Approved as amended.

TREASURER’S REPORT – On a motion and second Treasurer’s Report was approved without objection.

POLICE REPORT – Capt. London had nothing to report and no issues were brought up from the floor. Doug Sterner presented a request from the Officer Bryant Peney Scholarship Foundation that the Council again sponsor a table at their upcoming fundraiser. Motion made and passed to sponsor a table at a cost of $250.00.

GUESTS –City Manager Lee Feldman – spoke about an initiative designed to expedite the permitting process. One feature of the proposal would be to require developers of level 3 or 4 projects to meet with neighborhoods first to present their project for comments from the effected neighborhood. The developer would be responsible for reporting on the outcome of the meeting including comments by the participants. Their report would then become part of their application to DRC. The proposed ordinance change will be discussed at the City Commission conference meeting on August 21st.

Mr. Feldman also reported on the telephone Town Hall meetings held so far noting that they are very pleased with the results. Although the current round is focused on the visioning process, the City is committed to future telephone town hall meetings on other topics. Results of the poll questions within the town hall calls are available on the City’s website.

Mr. Feldman also promised to provide the Council with an update on the NDCR (Neighborhood Development Criteria Review).

Rick Keiser – Outlined the services available to HOAs from the City’s Print Center. A full range of printing, copying and graphic services (including newsletters, flyers and posters) as well as mailings are offered at discount prices.

Ian Wint gave a presentation on the City’s Geographic Information System and the Maps that are produced. There is a wealth of information on the City’s web page.

Stephanie Denham – Gave an update on the City’s Visioning Process. She handed out kits entitled “Meeting in a Box” and explained how to use them effectively to focus discussions among neighbors.

She also explained a new program called Nextdoor Fort Lauderdale which is a way to create a private social network for your neighborhood.

Election of 1st Vice President – Nominations from the floor were accepted and Olivier Turina nominated Ron Centamore which was seconded by Steve Gillespie. No other nominations were offered and Mr. Centamore was declared the winner by consensus.

1) Marilyn reported that our website revamp is nearing completion and explained to members how to update their information.

2) Marilyn also reported on the Council’s efforts to weigh in on the new City parking proposals. She and other Council member have met with Diane Alarcon in order to raise a number of concerns some neighborhoods have with the proposed changes. The chief concern is that the proposal takes a one-size-fits-all approach. Ms Alarcon will recommend that the City go forward with the proposal for the Beach and not for the entire City until a list of issues was addressed by the City’s consultant and discussed with the Council.

There being no further business the meeting adjourned at approximately 9:00pm