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February 2011 General Meeting

Minutes – February 8, 2011 – General

Council of Civic Association
General Meeting Minutes
February 8, 2011
City Hall, 8th Floor
7:30 PM

1. Call to order. The meeting was called to order by President Doug Sterner at 7:30 PM. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Tim Smith.
2. Marilyn Mammano took attendance.* A quorum was declared.
3. Minutes. Motion made and seconded to accept the minutes of the November 9, 2010 general meeting. Approved by unanimous consent.
4. Treasurer’s Report. Tom Welch presented a written Report of the Treasurer showing the CFLCA’s total account balance as of December 31, 2011 at $7,987.05. A motion to accept Mr. Sterner’s report as the Treasurer’s Report was made and seconded and approved with one dissenting vote..
5. Police Report. The representative for the Fort Lauderdale Police Department reported that a 6% increase in crime in January year over year due perhaps to the economy and to shift changes. It is anticipated that numbers will be reduced in February. The Harbordale Civic Association formally thanked the department.
6. Mr Sterner introduced Mayor Jack Seiler who thanked the CFLCA for inviting him. He stated that he believed that although the economy is still hitting us hard, Fort Lauderdale is a great place to live. He observed that during his neighborhood he gets no complaints and lots of positive comments from citizens. He encouraged the HOAs to schedule a neighborhood walk with his office. The Major talked about the importance of the Centennial as a means to honor the past and celebrate the present. He commented that the City is doing better than most financially and economically noting that Port Everglades is now the largest cruise port with 5 new ships and 2 of the largest cruise ships in port. Mayor Seiler stated that a third part of the Centennial was planning for the future. He mentioned that the City was contemplating a “visioning plan” and asked for input from the neighborhoods. Major Seiler stated that city payroll had been cut by 146 through the attrition, not counting police and fire; that there was still $48 million in City reserves and that the City’s millage rate was the lowest in 25 years. In response to questions: (i) about proposed state budget cuts, Mayor Seiler stated he was most concerned about environmental cuts (low real estate values is the best time to spend for parks and preservation) and conservation cuts. He criticized the state’s slash and burn approach to handling public employees issues citing the City’s approach of negotiations and cooperation (ii) about the new City Manager, he stated that there have been about 25 applications and because Allison Love is doing such a good job as interim manager for $50,000 less than her predecessor, there is no reason to rush the process (iii) about South Side School, that the City was reviewing NSU’s proposal and community’s concerns and (iv) about the Board of Adjustment, that he would look into a comment that the Board was not responsive to the neighborhood and (vi) lift stations at Andrews and Powerline; surplus lands, and lights in Bill Keith Park.
Mr. Sterner announced that today is the 100th birthday of the Fort Lauderdale Women’s Club. Ms. Ellis gave a brief history: The Women’s Club started as the Women’s Civic Association in 1911 with 18 members and today has 118 members. The Women’s Civic Association was instrumental in establishing the first library and the first hospital and the city’s formation. Restoration of its August Geiger designed building on Broward and Andrews will be completed in time for a grand opening fundraiser to be held on January 15.
7. Centennial Committee Report was presented by Donna Mergenhagen.. She stated that volunteers were needed for an event on March 27. She also requested contact information for city officials and pioneer families. She also encouraged neighborhoods to develop programs for the centennial around local parks referring HOA;s to the website for information and to register events.
8. Ad Hoc Code Reform Report.. Richard Mancuso was not in attendance. Genia Ellis reported that there was no progress.
9. City Manager Search Committee Report by Doug Sterner. Mr. Sterner noted that the Mayor had provided the most updated information.
10. Membership Report by Marilyn Mammano. Ms. Mammano stated that the 2011-2011 drive for membership was well under way. She announced that due to a problem with CFLCA post office box, membership applications may have been returned to sender. She urged those present to make sure that applications were resubmitted..
11. CFLCA Centennial Celebration Event by Gabriel Ocasio Davila. Mr. Davila described the photo contest “Fort Lauderdale 100 Tears Later”. The contest was scheduled to start in April with awards in November in seven categories. Volunteers were requested.
12. Nominating Committee reported by Genia Ellis. She stated that the committee was still meeting and that nominations would be accepted from the floor at the elections on March 8.

13. By-laws Committee reported by Donna Mergenhagen that no input had been received to date. the deadline was extended to the end of he month. The By-Laws are on the website.
14. St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Mr. Sterner announced that the Board had voted to participate in the City’s Parade and invited all associations to march with CFLCA with its own banners.
15. The Fort Lauderdale Rotary Club launched a new project designed to bring together volunteers for one hour to address problems that could make a difference in a community such as clean a street, trim a tree, do some minor repairs, touch up painting. The first event was scheduled for February 26 from 10 am to 11 am at Thurgood Marshall Elementary. For more information, go to “powerofonehour.org”.

16. Marilyn Mammano reported on the Short Term Residential Use Committee established by the Coty Commission to investigate the practice of owners renting their houses to private boat crews and vacationers. She stated that the committee needed input from neighborhoods where short-term rentals were occurring and announced a workshop on February 24.
17. Board of Directors Meeting. There will be a board of directors meeting on March 2, 2011 and a General Meeting on March 8, 2011.
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

Rochelle Golub, Acting Recording Secretary