January 2011 General Meeting

Council of Civic Association
General Meeting Minutes
January 11, 2011
City Hall, 8th Floor
7:30 PM

1. Call to order. The meeting was called to order by President Doug Sterner at 7:30 PM.
2. Marilyn Mammano took attendance. A quorum was declared.
3. Minutes. Motion made and seconded to accept the minutes of the November 9, 2010 general meeting. Approved by unanimous consent.
4. Treasurer’s Report. Tom Welch was not in attendance, but Doug Sterner announced the current account balance of $7,997.12 as reported by Mr. Welch at the December 2010 Board Meeting.. A motion to accept Mr. Sterner’s report as the Treasurer’s Report was made and seconded and approved with one dissenting vote..
5. Police Report. There was no representative from the Police Department in attendance to give a report..
6. Mr. Sterner announced that today is the 100th birthday of the Fort Lauderdale Women’s Club. Ms. Ellis gave a brief history: The Women’s Club started as the Women’s Civic Association in 1911 with 18 members and today has 118 members. The Women’s Civic Association was instrumental in establishing the first library and the first hospital and the city’s formation. Restoration of its August Geiger designed building on Broward and Andrews will be completed in time for a grand opening fundraiser to be held on January 15.
7. Guest Speaker Robert Wolfe, Broward County Property Appraiser’s Office: Mr. Wolfe is the liaison for the east corridor of the County which includes Fort Lauderdale. He did not have specific information to report because the Appraiser’s office is still working on 4th quarter sales and the tax rolls for 2010. He indicated that some in the Appraiser’s office felt that the decline in values would be small over the next couple of years when the values would hit bottom. He directed property owner to the Appraisers website if they had specific questions. He answered questions about valuations below the SOH dollar amount which would reduce taxable values. He also talked about the work of the office to review and inspect houses and check homestead claims. Mr. Wolfe stated that since they closed satellite offices for budget purposes, they were proactively engaging in community outreach and he would be happy to be a speaker at homeowner association meetings.. Mr. Wolfe can be reached at (954) 357-6871.
Guest Speaker D.J. McPherson of Broward County Waste and Recycling Services announced a one day-drop off of household hazardous waste and electronics at 101 N. Andrews across from City Hall. She passed out flyers to distribute and urged us to spread the word in our neighbourhoods.
Guest Speaker Hal Barnes of Neighborhood Services announced that applications for community appearance awards were available on line.
7. Centennial Committee Report was presented by Donna Mergenhagen.. She encouraged associations to develop programs for the centennial around local parks. Parks where plaques will be dedicated during the year are: Mills Pond, George English, Carter, Osswald, Snyder, Bass, Provident, Abreu, Annie Beck and Croissant. Eight parks will planned for openings in 2011: Sailboat Bend, Bill Keith Coral Ridge, Dolphin, South Middle River, Twin Lakes, Peter Feldman and Harbordale. State Historic Markers will also be dedicated during the Centennial including one for the Beach Wade In on July 4, 2011 and Annie Tommie Camp planned in late fall by the school board and two for the two forts in Fort Lauderdale in the fall. She urged communities interested in planning a Centennial celebration or community event to a park unveiling to register ideas now with the Centennial Committee for initial approval and to get on the calendar (posted on line) even if all the details were not worked out..
On January 29, 2011, Historian Susan Giles will present a seminar at 2pm at the Hoch Heritage Building about techniques and resources to use to research neighbourhood histories. The seminar is open to the public and there is no charge.
8. Ad Hoc Code Reform Report.. Richard Mancuso was not in attendance. Rochelle Golub reported that Winter & Company had not yet provided updated recommendations since the November P & Z meeting and Genia Ellis reported that the City had not gotten back to the CFLCA committee.
9. City Manager Search Committee Report by Doug Sterner. Mr. Sterner outlined the process and time line envisioned by the committee and the consultant. As of this date, however, no advertisements or brochures about the position have gone out; drafts are pending City Commission approval.. The target date to make an offer to the successful candidate is in April 2011. The next meeting of the committee, which is open to the public, is March 6 at 3:30pm.
10. Membership Report by Marilyn Mammano. Ms. Mammano stated that the 2011-2011 drive for membership was well under way. She said that email applications had been sent. She confirmed from members present that her emails had been received. She will also mail hard copies to the association presidents and urged those present to make sure that city records reflected the correct name and contact information for current presidents.
11. CFLCA Centennial Celebration Event. There was no one present to give a report about the event.
12. Nominating Committee reported by Genia Ellis that they had one more meeting scheduled before they would announce nominations. The members of the committee include: Betty Shelley, Madelyn Klein , Marilyn Mammano, and David Parker from District 4. Shirley Smith will serve as an alternate.
13. By-laws Committee reported by Donna Mergenhagen that members with suggested changes for the by-laws should send recommendations to Ms. Mergenhagen by mid-February for review by the committee. The committee will consist of Juanita Gray, Genia Ellis, Marilyn Mammano, Rochelle Golub, Doug Sterner and .David Parker.
14. Special Election for the District One Representative. Rochelle Golub was elected by voice vote.
15. Board of Directors Meeting. There will be a board of directors meeting on January 24, 2011.
16. Associations volunteered to host general meetings for the coming year.
17. Brucie Cummings asked whether CFLCA would be interested in taking on as a new project the reduction of ambient lighting in residential and commercial areas. A discussion followed. The consensus of opinion was that since acceptable levels of ambient lighting are set forth in the ULDR, violations are a matter of Code enforcement.
18. The Fort Lauderdale Rotary Club launched a new project designed to bring together volunteers for one hour to address problems that could make a difference in a community such as clean a street, trim a tree, do some minor repairs, touch up painting. For more information, go to “powerofonehour.org”.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:59 p.m.

Rochelle Golub, Acting Recording Secretary