March 2010 General Meeting

Council of Fort Lauderdale Civic Association
General Meeting March 8, 2010
Meeting was called to order at 7:30 pm Roll Call (see attendance sheet attached). We have a quorum of more than ten members.
Treasurer’s Report provided and accepted as submitted.
Assistant Chief Kinsey presented the 2009 to 2010 Crime Statistics Copy attached. Violent Crime Down 8.5 % Property Crimes down 4.5% Total Crime down 5%
The Red Light Camera Program is in legal flux. The Police Dept will provide statistics about the program to the Commission in April.
Officer Hector Martinez from the Brian Penny Foundation presented information about the Brian Penny Scholarship Fund Raiser “Texan hold em Night” on April 2 2011. A motion was made by Marilyn and seconded by Ron to sponsor a table for $250. The motion passed unanimously.
Jeri Pryor from the City of Fort Lauderdale presented information about the HPRP (Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing) Program. Stimulus funds are available to prevent homelessness and help families who are already homeless. Members can call 954 537 0211 for information.
Loretta Cronk from the Department of Public Works discussed the “Smart Watt” Energy Efficiency Rebate Program. There are Stimulus funds available for rebates and low cost loans for energy retrofits. The program is limited to homeowners that are homesteaded including condo owners.  Points are available to Civic Associations that participate in the Energy Saver Workshops that will be held at the Museum of Discovery and in each commission District.  More information can be found at 954 828 8000.
Hal Barnes of Neighborhood Service reminded members of the upcoming Florida Neighborhood Conference in July and encouraged members to sign up early because of limited space.
Nominating Committee Report Genia Ellis presented a slate offered by the nominating Committee:
President   Douglas Sterner First VP   Marilyn Mammano Second VP  Betty Shelley Treasurer   Gabriel Ocasio Davila Rec. Secretary  Rochelle Golub Corresp. Sec   Donna Mergenhagen District One  Linda Nugent District 2   Shirley Smith District 3   JoAnn Kitchen-Simmons District 4   Jacqueline Scott Chair of Committees – No applicant offered
The floor was opened for nominations.  Ron Centamore was nominated from the floor by David Parker to serve as Chairman of Committees.  Ron Centamore accepted the nomination.
A Motion was offered to accept the full slate by acclamation as all seats were unopposed.  By a unanimous vote, all candidates were elected.
Committee Reports
Ad Hoc Code Reform Committee Genia Ellis reported that the Neighborhood Development Criteria would be discussed by the Commission in April.  No report from the Centennial Committee. City Manager Search Committee Doug reported that at some point applicant’s resumes would be made public for review. Interviews with applicants and the Committee will be open to the public. Timetable still not fixed. By laws Committee report – No report provided.  A request to schedule the meeting was made by Genia Ellis.
Saint Patrick’s Day Parade Council will march towards the front of the parade behind city officials. Members should tell organizers that they are with the Council not individual associations. Line up is by 11:30 at SE8th Avenue and SE 2nd Court.
A Flyer was provided by the Citizen’s Volunteer Corp looking for volunteers to work at the parade to earn points.
For the Good Of the Community Flyers were available for the Centennial Beach Event on March 26 and the Centennial Riverfest March 27.
Submitted Marilyn Mammano