February 2009 Board Meeting

February 23, 2009 MONDAY

CALL TO ORDER by President Ellis at 5:30 PM
ROLL CALL €œ All members present, Guest included Juanita Gray and Dennis Ulmer Review and approval of the January 26, 2009 Meeting Minutes were provided.
TREASURERS REPORT €œ previously approved at the February 10, 2009 Meeting.
ANNOUNCEMENTS/GUEST INTRODUCTIONS President Ellis announced the loss of Dr. Elizabeth Hays and indicated that funeral arrangements would be provided later in the evening via e-mail.
1. Questions for Candidates Forum for February are being assembled by Moderator Christopher Pollock from ones submitted by Council members.
2. Role of Board members @ Candidate Forums was detailed as an attachment with specific assignments.
3. Centennial Committee had no report at this time. 
4. Agenda for March General Meeting will focus solely on the election of incoming officer of the Council.  The meeting date was moved from March 10 to March 09 to support the Citywide General Election and those working at the polls on that day.  District Representatives were directed to call each of their member associations and remind them to attend, vote and participate in this process.  It was noted that with the loss of Dr. Hays, there is a vacant position on the Board for the upcoming election.  Board Members were asked to canvas their members for a possible willing volunteer to run for this office.

1. Ad Hoc Code Reform Committee Report no change at this time.
2. Nominating Committee Report œ no change at this time however, Betty Shelley agreed to contact Drew Pickens, Chair and advise of the vacancy In candidates for office of recording secretary.
3. Upcoming Elections œ Members are reminded to vote, encourage your district members to participate and remain active in selecting the incoming Commission.
FOR THE GOOD OF THE COMMUNITY Attached to the agenda back-up were flyers for two upcoming CVC projects, one in February and one in March.

ADJOURNED        6:20 PM

Indicates voting items Board Meeting 5:30 pm, 8th Floor Conference Room, Monday, March 23, 2009 March General Meeting  Moved to Monday, March 9, 2009,  8th Floor Cafeteria 7:00 PM NOTE:  Two of more Commissioners or  City Advisory Board Members may be present at this meeting