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Zoning for Sober Homes

Delray Beach recently passed an ordinance to regulate Sober Homes. Several neighborhoods in Fort Lauderdale have been dealing with similar issues for years. Until recently there seemed to be no hope of regulations. Given Delray’s recent actions, Poinciana Park passed a resolution asking the Fort Lauderdale City Commission to move on similar regulations. You can read their resolution here PPCA Board Action requesting enactment of Governess of Halfway Homes

An easy to understand description of the Delary Beach Ordinance is provided here Explain No 25-17

Sun Sentinel Articles about the issue

Delray and Boynton approve rules to regulate sober homes – Sun Sentinel

One sober home per block? Delray considers new rules for group housing – Sun Sentinel

Celebrate Success

Celebrate Success


Please join CLFCA during our monthly meeting to celebrate successes that your association has made. Whether its big or small we want to hear about it. Even if it had some small flaws come and help your association be the best it could be.  Successes will be acknowledge during our monthly meetings on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. Just fill out the nomination form  here:

Celebrate Sucess Form

You can mail your form or email it according to the instructions  Better yet bring your completed form to the next CLFCA meeting. We are looking forward to seeing you there and listening to your stories of success.

Neighborhood Development Criteria Revisions

This is a summary of the City’s  proposal to start implementing some of the recommendations of the NDCR.

Draft Amendment Summarized v2

This is the proposed zoning text

DRAFT NDCR Fast Track Amendments v1

As discussed at the May 12, 2015 General Meeting, here is the Neighborhood Development Criteria Revisions Project. For those members who are new to the Council, we started this effort in 2008 and it was officially submitted in 2011. Very little has happened since then. It is a 135 page report that you can download  here.

NDCR Modifications