River Run Civic Association

Contact Address: 1691 SW 27 Terrace Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312
Official Web Site:
Representatives: Elizabeth Hays
Sue Haberland
Fort Lauderdale District: 4
About / Description: River Run is a mainly residential area in the Southwest portion of Fort Lauderdale known as The Riverlands. It is bounded on the north by Davie Boulevard, on the east by Riverland Road (27th Avenue), on the west by 31st Avenue and on the south by 14th Street and 20th Street.River Run contains mostly single-family homes, most of which were built in the late 1950s and 1960s. Because this is a well-established neighborhood, many of the homes have large trees and extensive landscaping. The canopy of trees in the area is extensive and includes a number of impressively large banyans. While many homeowners have lived in the area for forty or more years, there has been a large influx of newcomers which bring a new and rich diversity to sections of the neighborhood. Included in the association boundaries are the Riverland Shopping Center, the Riverland branch of Broward County libraries, the Living Waters Community Church and the Riverland branch of Bank of America. The River Run Civic Association was formed in 1996 when a couple of residents became concerned about some decay and neglect in the neighborhood. Two years ago, River Run was one of the first group of civic associations to be approved by the City of Fort Lauder-dale as one of their officially recognized neighborhoods.

Since its inception, the association strives to communicate with the neighborhood through its newsletter and more recently via meeting reports and electronic communication. River Run is an active participant in the Southwest Coalition. River Run has been a member of the Council of Fort Lauderdale Civic Associations since 1996. Prior to the last City Commission redistricting, River Run’s boundaries encompassed two city commission districts (III and IV). As part of the final balancing of Commission districts, River Run became entirely within the boundaries of District IV.

Membership meetings are first Tuesday in February, April, June, October, and December at Living Water Baptist Church, 1501 Riverland Road at 7:30pm.