Melrose Manors Home Owners Association

Contact Address:  PO Box 121903 Fort Lauderdale 33312
Official Web Site:
Representatives: Cathy Stubbs, Representative
Lester Williams, Alternate
Fort Lauderdale District: 3
About / Description: Founded more than twenty (20) years ago, Melrose Manors is a caring community. Our population is diverse, yet homogenous.We are equally situated between downtown Fort Lauderdale and the western shopping malls. The boundaries of Melrose Manors extend north to Broward Boulevard, south to Davie Boulevard, east to S.W. 27th Avenue, and west to ML King (S.W. 31st) Avenue.Many of us live, work, and shop in Melrose Manors. Located in our neighborhood are more than 1,000 homes, several churches, schools (both public and parochial), and a fringe of businesses. Public libraries, banks, grocery stores, restaurants, auto repair shops, pharmacies, medical doctors, veterinarians, dentists, and a wide variety of other services are located within a mile’s radius.Our motto is, “Neighbors Helping Neighbors”. We feel we can accomplish more as a group than we can individually. As such, if a neighbor needs help, we will make every effort to secure that help; we serve as a forum for creatively addressing our individual and collective neighborhood concerns..