Coral Shores Civic Association

Contact Address: 2612 NE 21st Street Ft Lauderdale Fl 33206
Official Web Site:
Reps. Douglas Meade President and Rep.

Olivier Cale, Alt.

Fort Lauderdale District: 1
About / Description: This Residential pocket founded and mostly developed in the mid 50’s, nestled at the South West side of the Coral Ridge Mall area (Target, Publix etc..) has grown into a community of more than 150 homes: this peninsula of private homes stands in the middle of a bustling Urban & Commercial environment as a small, unexpectedly preserved lung of lush vegetation and natural wildlife that is bordered on its Eastern and Western sides by Middle River Canals and on its North side by East Oakland park Boulevard.

Our Board is dedicated to preserving the home value and quality of life of our Homeowners by being an active voice and participant within the City of Fort Lauderdale, working with the Council of Civic Associations as well as other lobbying , Governing  bodies and political Representatives to address the many challenges that our Residential area is facing everyday with an ever growing infrastructure and Commercial/Real estate development environment.