Galt Mile Community Association

Contact Address: 2805 E. Oakland Park Blvd., 490 Fort Lauderdale, FL   33306
Official Web Site:
Representatives: Marsha Rothenberg – Representative

Fred Nesbitt – President & Alternate

Fort Lauderdale District: 1
About / Description: The Galt Mile Community Association exists as the focus of the objectives commonly held by its individual constituent Associations.They are the essence of the GMCA. Policies are molded from their input and resolutions are developed for their benefit. In this regard, each member Association maintains an individual web site reflecting its public face.

  • Caribe
  • Commodore
  • Coral Ridge Towers
  • Coral Ridge Towers East
  • Coral Ridge Towers North
  • Coral Ridge Towers South
  • Edgewater Arms
  • Fountainhead
  • The Galleon
  • Galt Ocean Club
  • Galt Towers
  • L’Hermitage I
  • L’Hermitage II
  • Ocean Club
  • Ocean Manor
  • Ocean Summit
  • Playa del Mar
  • Play del Sol
  • Plaza East
  • Plaza South
  • Regency South
  • Riviera
  • Royal Ambassador
  • Southpoint