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Register & Submit Q’s NOW Virtual General Meeting! 11/10/2020

The Virtual November CFLCA General Meeting will take place on November 10, 2020.  Please make sure you are signed up to receive our e-newsletter!  If there is something you need CFLCA assistance with you can use the “Contact Us” feature on our home page.

CFLCA November 2020 General Meeting

Tuesday, November 10th, 2020

Meeting Start: 6:30 PM

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  • City Manager Chris Lagerbloom – City Updates and Importance of Community
  • Dr. JJ Rajter, Critical Care Medicine Specialist and Pulmonologist – Covid Updates



CFLCA Virtual GM Agenda 10.13.2020

Download A Copy of Agenda Here

CFLCA Virtual General Meeting Agenda

October 13, 2020 6:30PM Start Time

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Welcome and Call to Order, Roll Call

General Membership Reminders:  Census 2020 Deadline Extended to 10/31/2020

Introduction of Guests: 

  • General Update: Steven Glassman, Vice Mayor & D2 Commissioner
  • Racial Equity: Chris Lagerbloom, City Manager
  • Health-related COVID Update: JJ Rajter, Critical Care Medicine & Pulmonologist
  • Monica Elliott, League of Women Voters

Treasurer’s Report posted here 

Review and Acceptance of Prior Meeting Minutes Sept. 8, 2020 General Meeting *

Member Highlights Neighborhood “Elevator Speech” Round Robin



Next Board Meeting is 10/26/2020

Next General Meeting is 11/10/2020

*Indicates voting/potential voting item if quorum requirements are met.

Purpose: Focus on the issues relating to the preservation of the present and future welfare of the City of Fort Lauderdale and its neighborhoods and citizens, be proactive and reactive to those issues, communicate any recommendations to the proper officials, strive to improve communication and create a stronger partnership between City government and neighborhoods.

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