GM Agenda Aug. 11, 2020

CFLCA General Membership Meeting 8/11/2020 via Zoom


Welcome and Call to Order, Roll Call via Zoom Chat

General Membership Reminders:  1. Census 2020, 2. Elections, 3. Racial Equity

 Introduction of Guests: 

  • General Update: Congressman Ted Deutch
  • COVID, Homelessness, FLPD Initiatives: Ben Sorenson, City Commissioner
  • Health-related COVID Update: JJ Rajter
  • City Budget/Updates from the City: Chris Lagerbloom, City Manager

 Introduction of Jessica Wilkus, City of Fort Lauderdale’s newest Senior Management Fellow in Neighbor Support

 Treasurer’s Report

 Review and Acceptance of Prior Meeting Minutes  – June 9th 2020 General Meeting * (if quorum requirements are met)


Next Board Meeting is 8/24

Next General Meeting is 9/08