Monthly Archives: July 2020

7.31.2020 Commissioner Sorensen Shares an Update on City/FAA Matters

Today, 7/31/20, Commissioner Sorensen shared an update from the Counsel retained by the City to advocate for us related to ongoing FAA matters related to the Draft Environmental Assessment (EA) for the South-Central Florida Metroplex.

View the email from Ben here:  7.31.2020 FAA EMAIL FROM BEN SORENSEN

View the letter from FAA to City Manger here: 7.31.20 From Sorensen Letter from Michael at the FAA.

Please feel free to direct your questions and comments on these documents or the feedback process to [email protected].

CFLCA General Meeting 8/11/2020 6:30 PM via ZOOM

City Manager Chris Lagerbloom will be speaking at our August 11, 2020 Zoom general meeting.  City Manager Lagerbloom has agreed to speak on the FY 2021 Proposed Budget.

Click HERE to view the FY 2021 Proposed Budget.

The Office Management and Budget Office has prepared a Balancing Act simulation based upon FY 2021 General Fund revenue forecasts and proposed operating budgets. The simulation includes all decision package requests submitted by operating departments and indicates the decision package requests that are included in the FY 2021 Proposed Budget.  Click HERE to use “Balancing Act.”

The aforementioned can also be found on the City’s Annual Budget webpage.  Please submit your questions in advance using the “Contact Us” feature on our homepage.