CFLCA General Membership Supports “Hybrid Methodology”- Jan. 2020

Date: February 10th, 2020
From: Colleen Lockwood, President CFLCA
VIA Email To: Fort Lauderdale Mayor & City Commission Members, Fort Lauderdale City
Manager Lagerbloom

On January 14th, 2020 the CFLCA held a General Meeting at the Fort Lauderdale City Hall. Quorum
requirements were met. In attendance was Kyle Stevens, Managing Consultant, Stantec. Mr. Stevens
provided the General Membership with a presentation on the “Stormwater Rate Study.”

Upon completion of his presentation a question & answer session was conducted. At the close of
discussion and after a vote it was established that: The CFLCA general membership is in support of
the hybrid methodology which will support stormwater system and improvements

The following twenty-six (26) neighborhood associations had a representative in attendance and voted in
support of the hybrid methodology: Bal Harbour H.O.A., Bermuda Riviera Association, Colee Hammock
H.O.A., Coral Ridge Association, Edgewood Civic Association, Harbordale Civic Association, Harbour
Inlet Association, Home Beautiful Park Civic Association, Imperial Point Civic Association, Inc.,
Lauderdale Beach H.O.A., Lauderdale Isle Civic Association, Lauderdale Manors H.O.A., Melrose
Manors H.O.A., Middle River Terrace Neighborhood Association, Nurmi Isles H.O.A., Inc., Progresso
Village, Rio Vista Civic Association, Inc., Riverland Preservation Society, River Oaks Civic Association,
Riverside Park Residents Association, Rock Island Community, Sailboat Bend Civic Association, Shady
Banks Civic Association, Sunrise Intracoastal H.O.A., South Middle River Civic Association, Tarpon
River Civic Association.

The following three (3) associations had a representative in attendance and voted in opposition of the
hybrid methodology: Central Beach Alliance, Downtown Fort Lauderdale Civic Association, and Victoria
Park Civic Association.

Colleen Lockwood
President, Council of Fort Lauderdale Civic Associations


stormwater study Statement 2.10.2020 CFLCA