3.25.2019 CFLCA Board Meeting Minutes


March 25, 2019 5:30 PM

Fort Lauderdale City Hall, 100 N Andrews Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

8th Floor Cafeteria


ROLL CALL – Call to order 532pm Colleen, Stan, Deborah, Mary, Christina, Dennis, Kelly, Betty, Jim, Marilyn, Brucie, Cathy, Albetta

REVIEW AND ACCEPTANCE OF MINUTES Board Meeting 2_25_2019- motion to approve Mary 2nd by Jim motion passes

TREASURER’S REPORT –needs 2nd signature for CD & Colleen will go with Brucie as 2nd person for Bank, MM will update Sunbiz, after next GM the finalized minutes to Colleen/Marilyn/Brucie. XIII. Audit- volunteers Jim & Marilyn to be Audit Committee nominees @ General Meeting in April & report in May.  Treasurer Report $5k in CD 2.5% for 1 year.  Bal.  $5782.71 have 8 to deposit.  Looking to generate income discussion- use the $/invest; sponsorship @ website & for event cost offset.  Motion by Deborah to research business sponsorship value 2nd by Michael. Motion passes



Presidents Report-

2019 Membership and Dues Renewal- few not paid

Joint Meeting with the Commission April 16 – reminder of prep meeting at Betty’s house  March 26th – Stan, Jim, Colleen, Michael, Deborah, Mary, Marilyn, Brucie, Cathy, Steve Buckingham attending.  Motion to invite Betty & Steve to Joint Workshop pending approval by City manager.  Moved by Christina & 2nd by Deborah- Motion passes

Membership Report-few not paid

Committee Reports

Proposal to form bylaws/board role committee * 2011 last change. Discussion-change vs. review Motion by Christina 2nd by Marilyn for Marilyn, Dennis, Christina to be proposed to GM at bylaws committee. Discussion on attendance 3 in row, Brucie 3 in year, Deborah 4 total (1excused).  Alternate rep. thought by Jim do we need an alternate for District rep and would that need to be from the district to preserve prospective of that District on the Board.

Events Committee: John Burns 3rd in a row not @ meeting. Dennis spoke w/him. Contact info to Dennis as Chair of Committee.  From BASmith-every week Special Event Committee meeting will go to all association contacts. Discussion here on expectations.  Next meeting is 3/28 330PM for Spec. Events.

Member Event – Floridian breakfasts in honor of Ron Centamore 4/2&3 anytime you go and eat donations will be accepted@ door area.

St. Patrick’s Day Parade recap and suggestions for next year.  – fun.  Proposal from Jim Hammond to partner with CFLCA in 2020.

Questions for City Manager at April Meeting- Marilyn wants to hear his vision, accomplish, what do you see as challenge/opportunity, direction, EMS response times *draft as city wide, police/education/vacation rentals, replacements of Sr. level staff & comparable experience replacement, suggestion of 2 tier 1 is general and 2nd is the pointed questions.


Alcohol Ordinance Update- passed Glassman acknowledged that the entire matter needs to be revisited/reviewed.


            Pre-general meeting notifications to membership:  DRC, P&Z, Parks and Rec, Special Events, others TBD – Christina options of add to website/agenda/on footer of Constant Contact and possibility of adding to agenda.  Helpful links.

Lockhart Stadium and Park Bond Selection/Prioritization Process- special advisory committee or task force on this and having a CFLCA representative on it.

New River Pedestrian bridge FDOT public meeting in March

            April General Meeting Agenda:

  • City Manager Chris Lagerbloom Q&A with CFLCA
  • Introduction of Transportation Manager Lisa Marie Glover & TAM Deputy Director Julie Leona (to be confirmed)
  • Overview of Joint Meeting with Commission on April 16 (wait to report but announce meeting)
  • Committee Creation- Bylaw Committee & Audit Committee
  • Re public participation text amendment & PZB. Comment of distance is this more or less. Marilyn to call Mary Fertig.

May General Meeting Agenda: TBD

  • Audit Report
  • Guest Spurlock



  • Tortuga Special Events Meeting is on 3/28 @ 11am.


*Indicates voting items or may be a voting item

Next Board Meeting April 22nd, 2019

Next General Membership Meeting April 9th, 2019CFLCA BOD minutes 3.25.2019