Proposed Ordinance to Raise the Seawalls

We all want to be a Sustainable City. What does that really mean? What will we have to do to adapt to rising sea levels? What is the Plan? What will it cost? Who will have to pay for it? We start the discussion with he City’s proposal to require all waterfront property owners and the City itself to raise their seawalls by the year 2035. And that’s only part of the plan.

Cover of Seawall ORdinance

You can download the presentation, prepared by the City, describing the problem of flooding and the proposal to raise the seawalls as well as the proposed ordinance here

Seawall Ordinance Public Presentation

Proposed Seawall Ordinance ULDR 47-19 3 Public Discussion Draft 03312016

You can also view an interactive map of projected sea level rise in south florida. Zero in on Fort Lauderdale

Interactive Map of Sea level Rise