Minutes March

Council of Fort Lauderdale Civic Associations

General Membership Meeting

March 11, 2014


1) Call to Order:  The meeting was called to order by President Marilyn Mammano at 7:30 PM.

2) Roll Call:  Ron Centamore First VP called attendance and declared a quorum.

3) Review and Acceptance of the Minutes:  Minutes of the December, January and February Meetings were deferred.

4) Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer’s Report see attached

5) Police/Fire Report:  Lt. Scelfo and Chief Jo-Ann Lorber gave their reports

6) Guest Introductions

Cate McCaffery Assistant Parks and Recreation Director presented the three ordinances that are currently being considered by the City Commission regarding loitering, street signs and homeless feeding programs. Members had many questions and comments. The general feeling was supportive.

Pam Adams, who is a consultant with the Broward MPO, discussed the public outreach efforts being made to get input into the MPO’s long-range transportation plan.  It is called “Speak Up Broward” and she will provide speakers to come to civic association meetings.

7) President’s Report:

St Patrick’s Day Parade was a big success and photos were displayed of the neighborhoods that participated. They will be posted at CFLCA.org.

The Public Meetings Ordinance was discussed and it was pointed out that members need to renew their recognition paperwork with the City because only “Recognized” civics are provided notice.

Awards w ere given to the winners of the Neighbor Support Night for most attendance.

8) Committee Reports:

Membership Committee:

VP Ron Centamore has sent out the applications for renewal to all representatives and presidents. Please get your renewal information and dues in before April 1.

Legislative Committee:

SB356 and HB307 are moving in committees. The Committee is monitoring progress and facilitating the sending of letters and emails to the various committee members in support.

9) Old Business:

10) New Business:

The Board is planning a program on Juvenile Justice for the fall. We want to focus not just on Juvenile crime but all programs to help our youth avoid entering the criminal justice system.

Elections were held for the position of District 2 Representative.  The volunteers were Chuck Black and Steve Sthal.  Chuck Black won the election.

11) For the Good of the Community:

Salvation Army Week, Fort Lauderdale Cares Day, Broward Sherriff’s Community Service Guide, Proposed Street Naming Policy

12) Adjournment:  The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 PM

Respectfully Submitted, Marilyn Mammano