Minutes January 14 2014

Council of Fort Lauderdale Civic Associations

General Membership Meeting

January 14, 2014


1) Call to Order:  The meeting was called to order by Marilyn Mammano, President at 7:30 PM.

2) Roll Call:  Ron Centamore First VP called attendance and declared a quorum.

3) Review and Acceptance of the Minutes:  Minutes of the November 12 2013 meeting were approved. Minutes of the December meeting were deferred.

4) Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer’s Report see attached

5) Police/Fire Report: Major Gregory and Chief Lorber gave their reports

6) Guest Introductions:  Ms Molly Mc Kay, Project Manger for Willdan Financial Consultants gave a presentation about the Comprehensive Economic Development Plan. Mr. Al Battle from the City spoke about the process. Members were concerned about the infrastructure limits on economic development. Mr. Battle said they would come back to us with preliminary results.

7) President’s Report: Members of the Public Participation Committee met with Ella Parker and agreed to a direction forward on the ordinance.  Notice will be given prior to the DRC meeting and a required meeting between the developer and the neighborhood will be held prior to Planning and Zoning. The Committee will bring back a recommendation when the final language is submitted.

8) Committee Reports:

Membership Committee: Ron Centamore sent out the membership renewals, which are due back by April 1. Members were reminded to renew their City Recognition applications with Maxine Shing.

Legislative Committee: SB 356 is moving well through the Legislative process in Tallahassee. Senator Sacks is a co sponsor. Progress on companion bill HB307 is less certain. Representative Moraitas is a cosponsor.

Neighbor Support Night: February11 is Neighbor Support night and we want to get the word out to all our members. This will coincide with our regularly scheduled February General membership Meeting.  Hal Barnes spoke about the event. There will be a contest to see which association brings the most people. Prizes will be given. Doug Sterner is our point person on the event.

9) Old Business: Members were asked by Jim Moyer from the Salvation Army to support an ordinance regarding clothing donation boxes similar to that adopted by Miramar. The Board will discuss this and come back with a recommendation.

10) New Business: Molly Huges, President of Sailboat Bend presented information about the Historic District that was the subject of a joint workshop between the Historic Preservation Board and The City Commission. She distributed material about the Civic Association’s position.  Members can get copies by contacting her directly.

11) For the Good of the Community: Climate adaptation and Open House

12) Adjournment:  The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 PM

Respectfully Submitted, Marilyn Mammano