Council of Fort Lauderdale Civic Associations

General Membership Meeting

May 13, 2014

1) Call to Order:  The meeting was called to order by Marilyn Mammano, President at 7:32 PM.

2) Roll Call:  Ron Centamore, First VP called attendance and declared a quorum.

3) Announcement: Made by President Mammano welcoming a new, and happy to have, members Richard Bazerghi and Ralph Hamaker, from the Galt Mile Community Association.

4) Review and Acceptance of Minutes: A motion to accept the minutes from December, 2013, January, February, and March, 2014 was made by Ann Hilmer and seconded by Betty Shelley. Unanimously approved. Minutes for April, 2014 were deferred.

5) Treasurers Report:  Deferred

6) Police/Fire Report: Sargent Michael Siekierski, with the FLPD gave his report:  Flyers were handed out for the Great American Beach Party to be held on May 24, 10AM to 8:30 PM    http://www.fortlauderdale.gov/GABP/index.htm  Police will be triple staffed for the event Friday thru Monday. Saturday A1A will be closed at Las Olas from 6:30AM to 1:00AM on Sunday morning. The Broward County Sheriff’s Office with have a checkpoint setup on the 17th Street Causeway on Sunday, exact location unknown.

7) Additional Comments on the Beach Party: The Sun Trolley, Water Taxi and a bicycle valet will be available on Saturday for the event.

8) New Business:  The Board will discuss a candidates meeting for the August agenda.  June meeting: Convention Center presentation, Hands only CPR demonstration. A motion was made to cancel the July meeting by Ron Centamore, seconded by Jackson Boren  and unanimously approved. The election for the recording secretary was held and Steve Stahl volunteered.  Chuck Black made the motion that Steve Stahl be nominated and the motion was seconded by Brucie Cummings and Steve Stahl was elected to the position.

9) Legislative  Reports:  Richard Johns reported that sand replenishment legislation to be addressed on November 1st.  $2 million has been appropriated for a water taxi stop at Birch State Park. Short term rentals did not fare well and hope for a local take over next year. Joshua Freeman stated that the legislation for the short term rentals will easily pass the senate, but there are problems in the house. He also passed out Maria Sach’s legislative wrap up booklet for district 34 and an announcement for a veteran’s event to be held on June 11th in Fort Lauderdale. (Information: 561-279-1427)

10)  Presentation of SmartWater: Laura Croscenco reported that the City Commission approved the expenditure of police confiscated property funds for 500 free SmartWater kits to be distributed in Middle River Terrace at a cost of $15,000. There are also metal signs available for mounting on a post or fence for $30 each. Distribution to begin on June 29th.

11) Floodplain Management: Todd Hiteshew, Environmental Services Manager along with Dr. Nancy Gassman, Sustainability Manager discussed several issues concerning FEMA ordinances that will change the standards for low base flood elevations higher than 4 foot. 1 foot in height will be added to the current safety factor. The new ordinance will prohibit the use of fill material for raising structures, although it may be used on thin wall construction. Add-ons with 50% of the value of the existing structure must comply with all new requirements. Bridges being worked on may be raised slightly, but most will remain the same. Flood maps are due to be official 8/18/2014. See the Civic Associations website: City Events for more information. Or go to: http://www.fortlauderdale.gov/hurricane/hurr_flood.htm

An ongoing effort to plan and install flapper type valves to protect against street flooding on high tides. An effort is being made to choose the best design and lowest maintenance cost of the valves. Contact and Support City Commissioner Bruce Roberts and a County Commissioner Chip LaMarca in their efforts working on these issues.

12) New Street Naming Policy: Diana Alarcon is asking for support with the new policy she is soon to present to the City Commission for approval. She pointed out a couple of major points in the new proposal: A name change must be made on existing signage and that 70% of the residents must approve the change.  Also, the existing name will remain at the top due to the needs of the postal service to accurately deliver the mail and the new name will be in smaller type on the bottom. She asked that any requests that you have to contact her at Transportation and Mobility Dept. – [email protected] A motion to support made by Ron Centamore, seconded by Barbara Magill was approved unanimously.

13) Old Business:  Issues brought up at the Town Hall Meeting on Juvenile issues. Betty Shelley stated that 60 – 70 individuals are responsible for the crime problem. Chief Frank Adderley spoke and stated that the judges and the juvenile justice department are protective of the juveniles. And the first offenders without correction are destined to be one of the 60 – 70 problem individuals.

14) Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 9:04PM.

Respectfully Submitted,, Recording Secretary Steven Sthal