May 2014 Board Meeting Minutes

Council of Fort Lauderdale Civic Associations

Executive Board Meeting

May 19, 2014

 1) Call to Order:  The meeting was called to order by Marilyn Mammano, President at 5:35 PM.

2) Attendance:  Present: Marilyn Mammano, Ron Centamore, Lester Williams, Chuck Black, Jackson Boren, Cathy Stubbs, Brucie Cummings, Steve Stahl. and Ray Dettman.  Ron Centamore, First VP declared a quorum was present.

3) New Business: A discussion took place on the items to have at our future general meetings:

4) June General Meeting: We will Invite Yvonne Garth of Garth Associates to give us a Convention Center Presentation to discuss the 4 options, building design, traffic congestion, street extensions, etc.  Also an update on All Aboard Florida Quiet Zones and Marine concerns with bridge closings. Steve agreed to take point on these issues.

5) August General Meeting: Meet and Greet for Candidates up for election. Suggested ½ hour for introductions and ½ hour for candidates to speak.  Also, hands only CPR presented by Jo-Ann Lorber, Battalion Chief, Fort Lauderdale Fire-Rescue Emergency Manager.

6) Future items with dates to be determined: –Ralph Page with Broward County Crime Stoppers to discuss their operation with the police department and raids-on-line. –Julia Roberts, to discuss an update of last year’s report regarding school repurposing, also with the appropriation to come of a proposed 800 million dollar  bond for the schools, raise questions concerning the disposition of schools that have been closed, and what has been saved in doing so. –Social Services Rehab Facilities, raise questions concerning higher densities in some neighborhoods and not evenly distributed across the city and Sober Houses legislation that would have required a license to operate.  Ray Dettman agreed to take point on these issues.

7) Announcement:  The Association now has 45 members.

8) Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 6:40 PM.