2014 City Of Fort Lauderdale Legislative Priorities



 This document reflects the official position of the City of Fort Lauderdale regarding issues and pending legislation that would impact the operation of local government. It also provides priorities for the pursuit of funding for various City initiatives.

 The City of Fort Lauderdale will endorse and support legislation that will:

1. Permit municipal government to make necessary changes to local law pension plans

2. Support expansion of passenger rail options

3. Promote improved water quality and quantity

4. Increase resources for urban transportation needs

5. Provide for local regulation of short term rental properties

6. Preserve and/or enhance municipal home rule

7. Restore funding levels for State Housing Incentive Program (SHIP)

8. Expand resources for beach revitalization and re-nourishment

9. Support municipal government initiatives to curb homelessness

10. Enhance municipal participation in state environmental permitting processes

11.Encourage energy development and conservation and the development and implementation of alternative energy sources

12. Address human trafficking issues

13. Remove the state’s preemption of local regulations on vacation rentals

The City of Fort Lauderdale will oppose any legislation that will:

1. Create unfunded mandates.

2. Restrict or decrease allocation of red light camera revenues to local governments

3. Decrease the City’s tax base through manipulation of tax exemptions on properties

4. Modify, restrict or eliminate the City’s ability to levy, collect or spend franchise fees, communications service taxes or local business taxes

5. Restrict Home rule

The City of Fort Lauderdale will seek financial support for the following initiatives:

1. Crime reduction

2. WAVE development

3. Transportation enhancements specifically focused on greenways and complete street initiatives

4. Beach re-nourishment

5. Juvenile Justice programs

6. Flood prevention and hazard mitigation

7. Riverwalk enhancement and activation

8. Promotion of Fort Lauderdale’s marine industry

9. Water, sewer, and storm-water infrastructure improvements.

10. Comprehensive homelessness strategy

11. Additional parks and recreational activities, including athletic fields.

12. Prevention of the sale and use of designer drugs, e.g. (Molly and Ethylenedioxy-N-methylamphetamine (EDMA)