May 2012 Board

Council of Civic Association
Board Meeting Minutes
May 21, 2012
City Hall, 8th Floor

1. Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by Acting President Marilyn Mammano at 5:35 pm.

2. Attendance: All present except District IV Rep Brucie Cummings. Betty Shelley attended as Acting First Vice President. Second Vice President position stood vacant. Former Past President Genia Ellis was in attendance.

3. Minutes: The minutes for the April Board meeting were not available and this item was deferred.

4. Treasurer’s Report: Ms. Klein circulated the Treasurer’s Report showing an ending balance as of May 1, 2012 of $8,436.86, not including recent expenses and approved expenditures of $500 for map as Council gift to City in honor of Centennial, $500 for website, and $100 stipend for Council representative to NUSA. A Report as of May 31, 2012 will be presented at the June General Membership Meeting for approval.

5. Ms. Mammono made a President’s Report about recent matters she believed to be of interest to the Council including the Broward Center Expansion Plans. It was recommended that we have a speaker at the August General Meeting about this topic. She also noted the new parks plan and the closing of the FAU downtown campus. She also circulated a copy of the letter provided to Hal Barnes on behalf of the Council supporting the NCIP/BCIP grants.

6. Membership: Ms. Mamanno noted the Council was invited to present at Commissioner Bobby DuBose’s pre-agenda meeting on June 4, 2012. We have 30 paid memberships and 5 memberships expected for processing. The District Reps are planning to continue to encourage neighborhoods to join based on growing membership and influence and other recommendations of the Ad Hoc Consensus Committee.

7. Website: It was decided that the new website would be unveiled at the Sept general meeting.
8. Ad Hoc Code Reform: Ms. Mammano stated that it appeared that the Commission and staff would be picking pieces of the consultant’s report to move forward.
9. Ad Hoc Consensus Committee: Ms. Mergenhagen reported that the committee’s second meeting was to occur immediately after the Board meeting. There was some discussion about the direction the committee should take but it was agreed to let the committee process continue unfettered and to see where it led.

10. Visioning Committee: After some discussion, the Board was in agreement that the Council should look for an individual to monitor the work of the City’s Visioning Committee on behalf of the Council rather than establish an ad hoc committee. The Board further agreed that to seek an interested volunteer from the general membership for this task.

11. June 12 General Membership Meeting Agenda: Greg Stuart, Executive Director of the Metropolitan Planning Organization is to be the guest speaker about transportation. The election for a new President will also take place at this meeting. Nominations will be taken from the floor. The required 10 day notice about the election is to be sent to all City recognized associations with the caveat that only members of the Council in good standing can vote.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:55 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Rochelle Golub
Recording Secretary