April 2012 Board

Council of Civic Association
Board Meeting Minutes
April 23, 2012
City Hall, 8th Floor

1. Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by President Doug Sterner at 5:30 pm.

2. Attendance: All present except Treasurer Madeline Klein, District II Rep Shirley Smith and District III Rep Dr. Magdalene Lewis.

3. Minutes: The minutes of the Board Meetings for February 27, 2012 (as amended at the meeting) and March 26, 2012 were unanimously approved.

4. Treasurer’s Report: The Treasurer’s Report was deferred.

5. Bradford Cohen, President of Progresso Village, was in attendance and spoke about the status of the Association’s representatives to the Council. He stated that there that he was under the impression that he could appoint the representative rather than hold an election for the representative. He stated that the Association did conduct an election for a new representative and alternate. He was requested to submit minutes of the meeting where the election was held and to update the application.

6. The agenda for the May 8, 2012 General Meeting was discussed. City Manager Lee Feldman is the speaker. He requested some topics for his talk. The Board agreed on the general topics of “Ad Hoc” Code Reform, how to improve communication, especially about notices of meetings, the budget, city bonds, the homeless and street widening on Las Olas. The issue of transportation was also raised and it was decided that it would be a better topic for another meeting with a transportation expert as a speaker. Ms. Mammano agreed to contact Greg Stuart of the Broward MPO.

Ms. Golub will provide a written report to be read at the May 8 meeting about the Charter Revision Board’s final recommendations to the Commission on changes to elections for the mayor and commissioners. The Board is meeting prior to the May 8 General Meeting. Neighborhoods and individuals are encouraged to read the proposed changes and voice their opinions to their commissioners. The Charter Revision Board’s meetings are noticed and open to the public.

7. City Attorney Search: Mr. Sterner stated that he wrote a letter and attended the Commission meeting requesting that a representative from the Council be appointed to the search committee for the new City Attorney. The Commission apparently takes the position that the Council is akin to a lobbying group and is therefore not eligible to have an appointment to the committee. The Commission did decide to make a consensus appointment and would take nominees for that position. On a motion from Ms. Mammano seconded by Mr. Centamore, it was unanimously agreed that the Council would nominate Rochelle Golub for the appointment.

8. Redistricting Committee: The City Commission is going to form a redistricting committee and the Council may have a representative on that committee. After some discussion on who should be the Council’s representative, a motion was by Ms. Mammano, seconded by Ms. Golub, the Council’s President should be the representative and, if the President chose not to serve, the membership would elect a representative. The motion passed.

9. City Map: Thirty-four neighborhoods made correction and comments to the map. It was decided that the Council would request an update of the map and then circulate it a final time.

10. Dave Parker Alternate Representative from Sailboat Bend had contacted the Council to request a stipend to attend the Neighborhoods USA Conference. It was moved and unanimously approved to provide Mr. Parker with $100 toward his attendance as a representative of the Council. He will be expected to make a report to the membership on the meeting.

11. For the Good of the Community: Attendance at the the Police Memorial Service on May 2, 2012 in Esplanade Park was encouraged.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:05 pm

Respectfully submitted,
Rochelle Golub
Recording Secretary