February 2012 Board

Council of Civic Association
Board Meeting Minutes
February 27, 2012
City Hall, 8th Floor

1. Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by President Doug Sterner at 5:35 pm.

2. Attendance: All present except 1st Vice President Marilyn Mammano, Treasurer Madeline Klein, and District 3 Rep Dr. M. Lewis. District IV Rep Brucie Cummings arrived after the start of the meeting..

3. Minutes: The minutes for the December 2011, as amended by Past President Genia Ellis to include the date November 21, 2011 for the prior meeting minutes referred therein, and the January 2012 Board meetings were unanimously approved.

4. Treasurer’s Report: Mr. Sterner circulated the Treasurer’s Report by Ms. Klein showing an ending balance of February 27, 2012 of $7,904.90. The Report was unanimously approved.

5. Mr. Sterner noted that there was no speaker scheduled for the March General Meeting. It was agreed that we would attempt to get Gene Dempsey to talk about the white fly problems the City was experiencing and/or Bob Wolf from The County Appraisers Office. Other topics that we will pursue for future meetings include a transportation forum, a conversation with the county commissioners about City concerns, a forum about beach issues including the Swimming Hall of Fame, parking and Mahia Mar, and a report from the Parks and Recreation Department.

6. David Isharq from Radio Station WIOD 610 made a presentation to the Board about advertising on the station or buying time to broadcast meetings. The Board agreed to invite Mr. Isharq to present a written proposal for consideration.

7. Mr. Sterner reported on the progress of upgrading the planned painting of the City’s water tower as part of Waterworks 2011. The City is applying for a grant from the Community Foundation of Broward to fund the additional cost of the project. CFLCA will function, as agreed, as the liaison between the City and the neighborhoods for solicited opinions and comments on the design selected. A professional artist will be required to qualify for the grant.

8. Ms. Cummings raised the issue of whether the CFLCA should take a formal written position on the Commission’s decision to hire City Atty Harry Stewart on a month-to month basis until his replacement is hired. After a spirited discussion, it was decided that while individuals could certainly express their concerns to the Commission, the Council would wait and see how the quickly a replacement was selected before taking an official position.

9. Mr. Sterner announced that a donation had been made to the Council by Marilyn Markus in honor of Richard Mancuso. That triggered a discussion of whether the Council should do something to recognize his contributions to the CFLCA at this time of his death. Corresponding Secty Donna Mergenhagen raise the idea of a “Sunshine Fund” and a committee to recommend policies in this area and implement that policy. Others feared that it would be too hard to uniformly implement a policy and feelings could be hurt if someone’s life cycle event was inadvertently overlooked. At least with respect to Board Members’ deaths, it was decided that the Council should do something appropriate on a case by case basis. Ms. Cummings suggested buying bricks on Riverwalk. It was unanimously approved to do so with Ms. Ellis’s caveat that the message be “in honor of…” and not “in memory of…”.

10. Time Capsule. Ms. Mergenhagen reported that we are still waiting on the City to adopt a business plan for the project.

11. St Patrick’s Day Parade. Second Vice President Shelley volunteered to be the CFLCA captain representing us at the Parade informational meeting. There appears to be less response to participate given the March 10th versus March 17th date.

12. Mr. Sterner reported that planning staff has not scheduled a second meeting to finish the presentation of the Council’s ad hoc reform committee. Staff responded well to the initial presentation.

13. Ms. Ellis announced that there will be a planting event on March 31, 2012 at 8am at the Women’s Club in Stranahan Park.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:25 pm

Respectfully submitted,
Rochelle Golub
Recording Secretary