Dec. 2011 Board Minutes

Council of Civic Association
Board Meeting Minutes
December 19, 2011
City Hall, 8th Floor

1. Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by President Doug Sterner at 5:35 pm.
2. Attendance:  Present were President Sterner, 1st Vice President Marilyn Mammano, 2nd Vice President Betty Shelley, Corresponding Secty Donna Mergenhagen, Recording Secty  Rochelle Golub, Treasurer Madeline Klein, District 1 Rep Linda Nugent, District 2 Rep Shirley Smith,  District IV Rep Brucie Cummings.3. Minutes:  The minutes for the November 21, 2011 Board meeting were unanimously approved upon a motion by Ms Smith and a second by Ms Cummings.

4. Treasurer’s Report:  Ms. Klein circulated a written Report of the Treasurer showing an ending balance of December 19, 2011 of $7,594.12.  Ms. Klein stated that the only outstanding bill was for the post office box. No vote was taken on the Report.
5. Chaz Adams and Shannon Vezina from the City’s Public Information Department attended the meeting to further discuss the CFLCA’s interest in assuming the administrative responsibilities for organizing a time capsule to be sealed on March 27, 2012 – the end of the City’s Centennial celebration. They indicated that the City would offer support for the project but that it was anticipated that the Council would establish the basic rules of participation, the costs of participation with proceeds going to the Council, the collection of fees, the collection and safekeeping of  submitted materials offered by neighborhoods, individuals, organizations and businesses. Many details need to be addressed such as whether a separate bank account is established, what would be done with any profits from the event,  how submissions would be collected, whether envelopes to hold submissions would be sold in advance or participants would get their own envelopes and pay fees in accordance with the terms of participation. The event would be publicized through the City Public Information Office and at City Council meetings and through Council Corner and other Council communications. Ms. Golub  suggested that all of the organizations that sponsored events during the Centennial be contacted to participate in the time capsule. A motion was made by Ms. Golub  and seconded by Ms Shelley that  CFLCA  take on the administrative responsibilities  for preparing a time capsule for the City of Fort Lauderdale in conjunction  with the City’s Centennial celebration.  There were 6 votes in favor and 2 abstentions by  Ms. Klein and Ms Cummings. Ms. Klein indicated that she abstained because she could not take on any additional responsibilities. She was assured that she would not be overburdened by the time capsule activities.  A committee was formed to be chaired by Ms. Mergenhagen to include Ms. Golub and Mr. Sterner and Ms. Nugent. Ms Mergenhagen and Ms Golub agreed to outline a plan to be discussed by the Board. It was agreed that time is of the essence.  Mr.  Adams and Ms Vezina will research the costs of time capsules and appropriate fees.
6. Immediately before this Board meeting, the committee for the Council Election Forum met. Ms. Shelley reported that Hope Calhoun was going to be the moderator of the Forum and she attended the meeting. Over 26 questions were submitted in response to outreach by Ms. Mergenhagen.  The committee envisions that Mr. Sterner will make welcoming remarks.  Each of the 8 candidates for Commission seats will have 1 minute to introduce themselves.  They will be able to circulate printed resumes. Ninety minutes have been set aside for the Commissioner Forum including the opening remarks, introductions, responses to approximately 5 prepared questions and a 10 minute break. Excess time will be used to take questions from the audience.  After the break, the mayoral candidates’ forum will run for 60 minutes.7. Mr. Sterner reported that planning staff has not scheduled a second meeting to finish the presentation of the Council’s ad hoc reform committee. Staff responded well to the initial presentation.

8. Progress on finding a new host and programmer for the CFLCA website was discussed. To date, those contacted have been either too expensive or not reliable. Ms. Golub was advised to reach out to Tarpon Bend and Victoria Park to see who they use because they have good websites.
The meeting was adjourned at 6:50 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Rochelle Golub
Recording Secretary