June 2011 General Meeting

Council of Fort Lauderdale Civic Associations
General Meeting June 14, 2011
City Hall- 8th Floor Conference Room
1. Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by President Doug Sterner at 7:30 pm followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.
2. Mayor Jack Seiler introduced the new City Manager, Lee Feldman. President Sterner announced that City Manager Feldman would be the guest speaker at the July General Meeting and that the “meet & greet” time before the meeting would be from 7:00pm to 7:45pm.
3. Attendance: 1st Vice President Marilyn Mammano took the roll and declared a quorum.
4. Minutes: Upon motion by Ms. Donna Mergenhagen and a second by Ms Betty Shelley, the minutes of the May 10, 2010 were approved unanimously.
5. Treasurer’s Report: President Sterner presented the Treasurer’s report for April 2011 showing an ending balance of $7,985.94. Mr. Ron Centamore moved to approve the April report and Ms. Marilyn Mammano seconded the motion. It was unanimously approved. President Sterner presented the Treasurer’s report for May 2011 showing an ending balance of $8,185.94. Ms. Genia Ellis moved to approve the April report and Ms. Shelley seconded the motion. It was unanimously approved.
6. FLPD Police Report: Captain Jack Dale (criminal investigations) provided this month’s report. He stated that although crime is up by about 1% this year over last year, it is down 20% from three years ago. He said that the Department had some challenges working with other agencies that were having economic issues. He said that improved technology was making the Department more efficient. He cited tag readers, tracking stolen goods, digital photography and recoding of statement.
7. Guest Speakers on topic of Privatization of Broward Health: President Sterner introduced Charlotte Mather from Broward Health and State Representative Gwendolyn Clarke-Reed .
8. Ms. Mather distributed booklets about the history, mission and scope of Broward Health. Broward Heath provides medical services to the northern two-thirds of Broward County. Broward Health has taxing powers pursuant to state legislation to provide indigent care. She noted that Broward Health worked hard to keep millage rates stable and tax receipts low. In 2010, Broward Health provided $299,416,000 (unaudited) in uncompensated care including indigent care which was less than bad debt which was approximately $56,074,000 more than government funding. Nonetheless, Broward Health does not operate at a deficit. With respect to the topic, Ms. Mather stated that Broward Health CEO Nask proposed to his Board of Directors (appointed by the Governor) that they investigate moving from a public hospital to a non-profit in anticipation of federal health care reform. CEO Nask has stated that if privatized, Broward Health may not need tax revenue. But, if it were collected, he recommended a public board with taxing powers that gave the money to the non-profit hospital board. She cited FL Statute 155.40 as providing CEO Nask with the power to transition the Hospital District.
State Representative Clarke-Reed recounted that on Sept. 10, 2010, CEO Nask proposed, without notice to county or legislative representatives, that Broward Health privatize its services. She learned from a constituent and when she called Ms. Mather about the rumor, Ms. Mather was unaware of the proposal. She stated that as a result of CEO Nask’s position that he had the right to privatize without consulting the legislature, she introduced legislation to make him do so. Ultimately, in large part due to the efforts of her office, Broward Health slowed the process down and started to conduct public meetings around the county. State Rep. Clarke-Reed stated that she and the community were concerned about giving public tax money to a private enterprise and the level of indigent care that CEO Nask envisioned.
Both speakers acknowledged that Governor Scott’s task force looking into whether public hospitals should continue to exist will be significant. In response to a request from Ms. Mergenhagen, State Rep. Clarke-Reed agreed to provide information to CFLCA for distribution about how to contact the task force.
Questions were entertained from the audience.
9. Florida Neighborhoods Conference. Hal Barnes gave an update on the Conference to be held in Ft Lauderdale on July 7, 8,and 9, 2011 at Pier 66. Early registration ended June 14 so registration is $80. There are still a few spots available. More information can be found on the City website and at floridaneighborhoodsconference.org.
President Sterner and Mr. Barnes announced that CFLCA would be provided with a table at the conference at no charge. Neighborhoods were asked to provide copies of their newsletters for display.
Mr. Barnes also distributed a flyer announcing that the NCIP/BCIP 2012 grant cycle will open June 30, 2011 and close September 30, 2011. Orientation Workshops will be held in July to provide information about the program and to offer assistance to neighborhoods with the application process.
10. Centennial Committee Report: Ms. Mergenhagen reported that there were many events scheduled through the end of the year for the Centennial celebration. She highlighted the celebration of the Wade-In on July 4th. Fort Lauderdale was one of the few cities to peacefully integrated its beaches. Historian Susan Gilles’ contract is over in July so one more workshop scheduled on June 25, 2011 about researching centennial topics. She recommended making a reservation.
11. Ad Hoc Code Reform Committee. Ms. Ellis reported that the consultants recommendations are under review by staff.
12. Membership Committee. Ms. Mammano stated that the records have been updated. She stated that efforts were being made to stimulate membership. She and District 3 Rep Joann Simmons were going to attend Commissioner DeBose’s pre-agenda meeting .
13. By-Laws Committee: Ms. Mergenhagen announced that based on Board recommendations, she was preparing a packet on the proposed revisions that would be mailed to the presidents for circulation. The vote on the proposed by-law revisions will be held at the November meeting.
14. Audit Committee: Charles Jordan reported that the audit committee found no irregularities in the bank records and that former treasurer Tom Welch turned over the records in “good shape”.
15. New Treasurer. Pursuant to notice, nominations were taken to fill the vacancy of Treasurer. Ms. Shelley nominated Madelene Klein and Ms. Ellis seconded the nomination. There being no other nominations, a vote was taken. Ms. Klein was unanimously elected.
16. Representative to Visioning Committee: At last month’s general meeting, Tim Smith stated that CFLCA could have a representative on the committee. Ms. Golub nominated Marilyn Mammano and there were several seconds. She was unanimously approved.
17. CFLCA Centennial Gift to City: President Sterner proposed that the Council’s gift be an updated map of the neighborhoods with a gift plaque. In light of the redistricting that is anticipated, it is recommended that the gift be announced within the Centennial year with the actual creation of the map delayed until the redistricting is accomplished. Mr. Centamore moved that President Sterner by authorized to spend up to $600 on the gift. It was seconded by Ms. Mammano. It was unanimously approved.
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:55pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Rochelle Golub
Recording Secretary