October 2010 Board Meeting

Council of Civic Association
Board Meeting Minutes
October 25, 2010
City Hall, 8th Floor
5:30 PM

1. Call to order. The meeting was called to order by President Doug Sterner at 5:35 PM.

2. Board members present: Gabriel Ocasio-Davila, Genia Ellis, Marilyn Mammano, Donna Mergenhagen, David Parker, Shirley Smith, Bruce Tanner, and Tom Welch.

Board members absent: Betty Shelly

Guests attending: Ron Centamore, Richard Mancuso and Dennis Ulmer

3. Minutes. The approval of prior minutes was tabled until next meeting.

4. Treasurer Report. No report at this meeting.

5. Holiday Party. A turkey and ham have been purchased previously and will be done again for the holiday party this year. Members and alternates are invited as well as commission people, with usual attendance.

6. Nominating Committee. The bylaws indicate that the nominating committee is selected in December. The immediate past president is an ex-officio member of the committee. Four people are needed to serve on the committee. Marilyn Mammano agreed to serve as well as Dave Parker. Shirley Smith agreed to serve as an alternate. Betty Shelley was recommended to serve as a member of the nominating committee.

7. Selection of Council representative on City Manager Search Committee. The city wants a representative from the council on the committee. (This portion of the meeting was chaired by Marilyn Mammano.) Two people expressed interest in serving, Doug Sterner and RonCentamore, both of whom were given an opportunity to speak to the council on why they want to be part of the search committee.

A vote was taken with ballots counted by Dennis Ulmer and Richard Mancusco since they is not board members. Nine votes were cast. Doug Sterner won the vote to be the representative to the search committee.

8. November 9 meeting agenda. Guests expected include Valeria Bohlander Noise Ordinance Changes as well as Susan Gillis, historian will for the Centennial Commission Historian.

9. Pantry of Broward Food Drive. A food drive for The Pantry will take place again this year. The council is supporting the event. Members should alert memberships that the drive is going on and that boxes will be provided at the November meeting for distribution. The Pantry of Broward plans to pick up the boxes.

10. Photo Contest. Gabriel Oscaio-Davila spoke about the photography contest for the centennial celebration. He was requested that the announcement of the contest take place at the November general meeting. The idea is to have a contest, 100 years after, with 7 categories for participants to submit. Want to document the city for four seasons in the contest. Submissions to be received by October next year with awards given out at the boat show next year. Flicker web site is where photos can be downloaded. Universities and art schools will also be used to solicit judges. A cocktail party and celebration at the end after photos are at different places in the city. Awards are planned to be given out at a big reception at the end. Tickets to the awards ceremony will be sold except for contributors.

11. Doug announced that a District 1 representative is still needed.

12. Richard Manucuso spoke about the P&Z meeting. A date was set for the community and P&Z board work shop.

13. Doug spoke about street car system that is being considered for Ft. Lauderdale referred to as “The Wave” and went to Portland to observe the same system in another city. A discussion took place and questions were raised.

The next general meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 9.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 6: 35 PM.

Recording Secretary,

Bruce Tanner