May 2010 Board Meeting

May 24, 2010
Board Meeting Minutes
8th Floor Conference Room
5:30 pm

REVIEW AND ACCEPTANCE: Meeting Minutes March 22, 2010 – outstanding from David Marshall…

TREASURERS REPORT  Tom Welch provided at the General Meeting of May 11th, 2010.
1. Speaker Requests:

a.) Amendment 4, pro and con€œ Doug was going to arrange for a panel on each side of the issue and bring back for a September or October General Meeting to help inform the members.
b) P.U.D.
Discussion centered again on having an association present and not having a corresponding presenter. It was determined that Doug would contact Planning and Zoning Director and request staff participation to provide the history and guidelines regarding PUDs. It was also determined that the discussion would not center on any project but on the zoning itself.

2. Pedestrian Safety Richard Mancuso discussion It was determined that we would request the Police Department to give us an update on the existing plan to improve pedestrian safety in the downtown and on the beach. A request by Doug Sterner to the department would be made for presentation at the June General Meeting.
3. Committee Reports
4. General Meeting June 8, 2010 œ Agenda

Announcements/Guest Introductions
Lighthouse of Broward œ after some definition and discussion, it was agreed to allow them to come and present at the June 8, 2010 meeting.
5. NDCR €œ update on public meeting to be held in June by Winter & Company and presentation to the Commission.

For the Good of the Community
Announcement of the May CVC Project and flyer was provided
Announcement of the June CVC Project and flyer was provided
Flyers for the Riverwalk Urban Market were provided
Flyers on the Volunteer Challenge were provided.
OLD BUSINESS œ Discussion on outstanding minutes and notebook records.

Adjourned œ 6:48 PM