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August 2009 Board Meeting

August 24, 2009
Board Meeting
8th Floor Conference Room
5:30 pm

REVIEW AND ACCEPTANCE: Meeting Minutes June 22, 2009* Motion to approved offered by Genia Ellis, seconded by Betty Shelley.

TREASURERS REPORT * Tom Welch    Adoption of Council Budget* – Deferred ANNOUNCEMENTS/GUEST INTRODUCTIONS    Alison Soule – SFECC
1. General Meeting Sept. 8, 2009 œ Agenda Robert Wolfe of the County Tax Appraisers Office will provided an update on current trends in assessments and estimated tax.
2.  Neighborhood Forum re Code Enforcement œ the Planning & Zoning Board will be setting a date to host a workshop on the information provided by Winter and Company prior to the presentation to the Commission.  Council Committee members have asked to see that documentation prior to presentation to the P&Z.
3.  NCIP Grant Application are due on September 25th by 4:30 PM.  The Council determined to remind all members to be on time to be competitive.

1. Dues notices for upcoming year€œ status was requested from Marilyn Mamamno with a listing of each association that had joined and the contact information for the representative and alternate.
2. Recruitment for Standing and Ad Hoc Committees – Gabe Ocasia Davila œ deferred to the next meeting.
3. Report on Neighborhood Development Criteria €œ the process committee has continued to meet to redefine means to apply through the building department in a more expeditious fashion.
4. Budget Questions and Input will again be requested from all members to be forwarded to the Commission.
FOR THE GOOD OF THE COMMUNITY Discussion on how Code Enforcement and how to best work with the department came up with a suggestion that we put together a guidebook for dealing with certain types of issues.  Individual neighborhoods contact code for specific issues through the hotline and via e-mail directly to their Code Officer on behalf of the association.  Priorities within each neighborhood vary and there needs to be a better means of having those items enforced.
*Indicates voting items General Meeting œ Tuesday€œ Sept. 8, 2009 7-9 PM – 8th Floor Board Meeting – Monday – September 28, 2009 €œ 8th Floor NOTE: Two or more Commissioners and/or city board members may be present at this meeting.