April 2009 Board Meeting

April 27, 2009 Monday Minutes
Board Meeting
8th Floor Conference Room
5:30 pm
1. CALL TO ORDER at 5:30 PM
2. Attendance.  Present:     Absent: Doug Sterner    Gabriel Ocasio-Davila Marilyn Mammano  Mike Vondermeulen Betty Shelley   Drew Pickens David Marshall Donna Mergenhagen Tom Welch Juanita Gray David Parker
3. REVIEW AND ACCEPTANCE: Genia Ellis moved that the Board Meeting Minutes for March 23, 2009* be approved; Dave Marshall seconded.  Motion to approve passed.
4. TREASURER‚S REPORT * Ron Centamore presented the final treasurers report for the period April 2008 ‚¬€œ March 2009.  At the conclusion of the meeting, Auditor Betty Shelley confirmed that the report was accepted as presented.
5. ANNOUNCEMENTS/GUEST INTRODUCTIONS George Hruska was recognized.
6. NEW BUSINESS: a. General Meeting May 12, 2009 œ Agenda. No special agenda items were suggested by Board members at this time.  The question of Council assistance for the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) Downtownà event May 27 from 5 to 7 PM was discussed; the Board agreed to forward information about the event to the membership.  It was noted that the event date (May 27) is the same as a Community Appearance Board event.
b. Signature for proposed new bank account.  Two signatures (Pres./Treas.) are adequate for signature cards.  The signature cards for the Certificates of Deposit also need to be updated.
c. Transfer of Recording Secretary Records.  Dave Marshall reported that Reid Morgan indicated that his records were filed in the 8th Floor closet along with other Council records and supplies.  Marshall and Genia Ellis will review the records after the meeting.
d. Ad Hoc Code Reform Community Meeting Schedule.  The City has announced four Neighborhood Development Criteria Revisions Meetings on May 11 in District I – (6-8PM at the Beach Community Center), May 12 in District II – (6-8PM at Holiday Park Social Center), and May 14 in District III – (6-8PM at the Joseph C. Carter Park – Social Center), May 13 in District IV (7-9PM in Croissant Park).  The Council will send out an email blast to remind members of these meetings and the importance of citizen input.

a. Dues notices for upcoming year. Three additional membership applications received for a total to date of 28.  1st VP Mammano to send a second notice to Associations which have not renewed.
b. Refreshment List and Status.   List is fully subscribed.
c. Identification of Standing and Ad Hoc Committees Richard Mancuso reviewed current and past Council committees and suggested how they might be organized.  The relationship of the committees to the goals of the Council was also reviewed.  After thorough discussion, Genia Ellis moved, and Marilyn Mammano seconded, that the topic of Council committees be added to the May 12 General Meeting Agenda for discussion, and that the results of that discussion be forwarded to Gabriel Ocasio-Davila for further action.  Motion passed. 8. FOR THE GOOD OF THE COMMUNITY a. Dave Marshall noted that Riverside Park Residents Association sponsored a Stranahan High School team in the Plywood Regatta, and encouraged other neighborhoods to do the same in next years event.
e. Marilyn Mammano moved, and Dave Marshall seconded, that the Council add a presentation and discussion of the legislation pending in Tallahassee regarding mortgage holder responsibility for pre-foreclosure expenses to the May 12 meeting agenda.  Motion passed 5-1.

9. Meeting adjourned at 7:15.

*Indicates voting items General Meeting – Tuesday– May 12, 2009 7-9 PM – 8th Floor Board Meeting May 25, 2009 8th Floor NOTE:  Two of more Commissioners and/or city board members may be present at this meeting.