September 2008 Board Meeting

September 22, 2008
Board Meeting Minutes
8th Floor Conference Room

Call to Order by President Genia Ellis at 5:30 PM

Roll Call by President, all Board members present except David Marshall, Betty Hays and Dennis Ulmer who were excused.

Meeting Minutes:  Review and Approval of corrected Board Meeting Minutes of August 25, 2008.

New Business:
1. The agenda for the general meeting scheduled for October 14, 2008 is brought forward from cancelled meeting of September 9th, 2008.  It will include a thank you for the council committee for the Police and Fire Appreciation Event, the giving of a plaque to former Chief Bruce Roberts for his 25 years of service, presentation by Jonda Joseph, City Clerk and John Herbst, City Auditor about an upcoming ballot amendment, presentation by Pamela Adams about Transit and a discussion of the District III Representative election.  Removed from the agenda and rescheduled to the November General meeting is an Update by Police Chief Adderley who had a conflict for the October meeting.
2. Polo shirt distribution to board members was accomplished with the remainder stored for later use. 3. Discussion regarding the annual Christmas Party varied but in the end, it was decided to have a covered dish supper on our regular meeting night on the 8th floor at City Hall to accommodate the majority of our membership.

Old Business:
1. Meeting Minute schedule was discussed again €œ all minutes from meetings, both board and general are to be submitted within 7 days of that meeting for posting to our web page and distribution.  The Board minutes that were not approved from March 2008 to August 2008 were reviewed collectively, amended as reflected in the August minutes and approved as a group.  They are now current and Secretary Morgan has been instructed to place the hard copies in our archives.
2. Report on Ad Hoc Code Reform was provided by Richard Mancuso.  Of particular note is that the purchase order to Winter and Company still is not released.  It was suggested that each representative contact their respective Commissioner to urge this process along.  Also of note was the status of “low hanging fruit that is winding its way through the process and expected to be implemented in the upcoming fiscal year.
3. Committee Reports Education Advisory Board Representative Betty Shelley gave an oral report of their most recent meeting and will submit a written report to be posted and distributed. Richard Mancuso, Committee Chair, will be making contact with each of the committees to ascertain when they will be meeting and reporting back to the membership. Parks Committee is scheduled in the upcoming week and we expect a report at the next meeting.
4. Dates of our anticipated Candidates Forum have been confirmed with the city for the use of their facility and the moderator confirmed.  Christopher Pollock has once again agreed to moderate both events.  Questions will be requested from all members and member associations to be compiled and included in the format for the event.  It was noted that the first forum will have a large number of candidates from all districts and mayor and will be less effective in getting questions answered.  The second forum will be of the candidates in the general election and will provide a better opportunity to be specific with their views.
5. The NCIP Grant application for additional lighting on the Riverwalk is nearly complete and will be submitted by the due date of September 26, 2008.  It follows the previous applications made by the Council for items of public use or public safety.

For the Good of the Community
1. It was announced that the Chamber of Commerce is continuing with its Candidate Forums, having first done District IV and advertising that the Mayors would be presenting on September 25th.  District I candidates will be presented at the Chamber on October 14th, District III Candidates on November 14, 2008  and District II candidates on  January 16, 2009.  Members are encouraged to utilize every opportunity to get as much information as possible to make an informed decision and vote.
2. October 2, 2008, Politics in the Park, 5:30 to 8:30 PM, Huizenga Plaza, Andrews and Las Olas sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce.

Meeting adjourned at 7:00 pm

Submitted on behalf of Reid Morgan, Recording Secretary