July 2008 General Meeting

July 8, 2008
8TH FLOOR Commission Chamber

CALL TO ORDER by 1st Vice President, Dr. Betty Hays at 7:30 PM followed by the PLEDGE of ALLEGIANCE.

ROLL CALL BY Second VP, Tom Welch, and a quorum of 17 members are present.
MEETING MINUTES of June 10th, 2008 approval will be postponed until September meeting.

TREASURERS REPORT for July 8th, 2008 was provided by Treasurer, Ron Centamore and it was moved by Dave Marshall and accepted unanimously.

1. Scott Strawbridge of Riverwalk Trust presented a new program on Riverwalk for adding trees to replace the ones removed due to hurricane Wilma.  The program is called Tree Harmony and they are looking to relocate trees of special qualities that needed to moved from their present location due to development or some other reason. They have partner with the Parks and Recreation Department to have the trees relocated by the owners and maintained by the City. He did not have any more information other contact Riverwalk Trust, if you know of any such trees. He also reminded everyone that Riverwalk is sponsoring twice weekly walk on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Meet at the Gazebo at 6:30pm.
2. Richard Mancuso shared his frustration with the City Commission not making a decision on the consultant to assist the City staff develop ideas for improved ULDR policies. Richard was asked by the chair to draft a letter to the Commissioners explain the Councils disappointment.
3. The Police & Fire Appreciation event will be at Holiday Park on August 5th 2008 as part of National Night Out Against Crime. Co-Chairs Betty Shelley and Tim Smith said that no Council funds will be used and neighborhood are asked to come out and set up a booth and give away desserts and drinks. There is a need for each neighborhood to nominate their best Police person to receive recognition at this event.


1. Ad Hoc Code reform Committee Report- Richard Mancuso- Reported there has not been a consultant chosen and it will decide at next weeks Budget meeting.
2. Goal Setting Committee Update- Crime Committee has met and the minutes are attached. The Park Goals team met and there is a draft of the minutes of their meeting on June 26th, 2008.
3. The Education Advisory Board meeting minutes are attached.

New Business:

1. The Chair of the Candidates Forum, Betty Shelley announced the dates are set for the January 29th, 2009 and February 26th all at 7pm at the City Commission Cambers. Mr. Pollock agreed to moderate as before.
2. It has been decided that Dennis Ulmer has been recalled as his neighborhood representative and will need to step down as the District III representative. Therefore an election will be held at the September meeting. District III Associations are requested to send  us names of qualified candidates willing to serve out Dennis’ term.

For the good of the Community:

1. There is going to be decision on the Dr. Kennedy House for destruction by the Land Use Change on July 16th, 2008.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:56pm