Minutes – General Meeting

8.22.2019 CFLCA Special Meeting Minutes and Materials the Proposed City of Fort Lauderdale & Broward MPO Interlocal Agreement for Transportation Planning Services.

CFLCA hosted a special meeting on the Proposed City of Fort Lauderdale & Broward MPO Interlocal Agreement for Transportation Planning Services.


CFLCA Special Meeting 8.22.2019 minutes

Guests: Fort Lauderdale City Manager Chris Lagerbloom,
Fort Lauderdale Transportation & Mobility Interim Director Ben Rogers,
Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization Executive Director Greg Stuart

August 22, 2019 @ 445PM to 545PM
LOCATION: Fort Lauderdale City Hall, 8th Floor Conference Room



The following public records were obtained from the City on 8/2/2019 to provide you with more information our Transportation & Mobility Department:

_Transportation Current Projects

_Surtax FortLauderdale_CountyProjects_FINAL-SUBMITTED

_Lauderserve 24 month Statistics

_City of Fort Lauderdale Neighborhood Master Plans

_City of Fort Lauderdale – Completed Neighborhood Mobility Master Plans _

2019 Project Update List


Minutes of MARCH 12 2019 General Membership Meeting

CFLCA GM Meeting Minutes 03_12_2019


March 12, 2019 6:30 PM

8thfloor Commission Conference Room, City Hall

Call to order 7pm


ROLL CALL – Quorum

REVIEW AND ACCEPTANCE:  Motion to approve the minutes of February 12, 2019 accepted





Bonnie Clearwater, Director & Chief Curator and Anna Sorensen, Associate Director of   Development, NSU Art Museum Fort Lauderdale – follow-up March 7th Freida Kahlo event.

  • Thanks/available to neighborhoods/lectures and various offerings and provided gift bags.

Alain Boileau, City Attorney, Alcohol Ordinance

  • Jackie Scott- Collee Hammock examples Ann’s Florist and then 2 spas next door to each other & should be BOA be doing this when commissioners are the ones who answer to us
    • Marilyn Mammano- summarize where we are and options of: do nothing, oppose, ask for it to be deferred, revisit whole issue in future
    • Christina Currie- restate not to ignore feedback of residents and note distance remarks
    • Alain Boileau, City Attorney-1997 Changes to code BOA begins special exemption authority upon showing not in conflict w/ pub. Interest. 2018 City Attorney realizes have been not following hard ship criteria properly/don’t have authority. Hardship wasn’t being strictly followed.  Stopped the process and temp. permission granted to a few which are expiring soon.  Purpose of change to accommodate past, conform, recognize a more comprehensive look at this ordinance is being requested. Also adding 47-24.12 conformation and ULDR lang. to the 2ndreading.
    • Q/Comments
      • Concern of requests flooding in
      • BOA needs more specific criteria if doing this response is that policy is a commissioner issue
      • Request of public notice requirements and it will be referenced in new change.
    • Motion by Michael Albetta to Defer the 2ndReading of the Alcohol Ordinance 2ndby Jerry Jordan-motion passes unanimous

            Ella Parker, Fort Lauderdale, Urban Design and Planning Manager – Downtown    Comprehensive Plan

    • 2003 adopt, update 2007, codifications of what is in master plan (quantitative guidelines)
      • Tower space 60 ft between towers, floor plate sizes (bulk), max. building length, transition zones, open space looking to %’s, codify streetscape design
      • Ella will email presentation for posting this is only QUANTATIVE changes.
      • This does not cover SW & NW RAC repeated multiple times.
      • Map & legal descriptions will be more clear



Presidents Report

    • Membership renewal time reminder
    • Q’s email to council website for City Manager

Membership Report

  • Elections for board 2019/2021
      • President Colleen Lockwood
      • 1stVP Stan Eichelbaum
      • 2ndVP Deborah Rosenbaum
      • Corresponding Sec. Mary Peloquin
      • Recording Sec. Christina Currie
      • Treasurer Brucie Cummins
      • D.1 Jim Concannon
      • D.2 Michael Albetta
      • D.3 Cathy Stubbs
      • D. 4 Kelly Manning
      • Chair of Committees Dennis Ulmer
      • Motion to accept 2ndall in favor all candidates get position no oppose

Committee Report

Member Events

    • St. Patrick’s Day Parade- information on website
    • Floridian Breakfast April 2ndor 3rdbenefitting Ron’s favorite charity Downtown Civ. Assoc. sponsored event.





Subjects and Questions for City Manager at the April Meeting

Alcohol Zoning Ordinance – City Commission meeting



                        Hope you all voted today!


ADJOURN Motion to adjourn accepted 8:30pm

*Indicates voting items or may be a voting item

Next Board Meeting March 25, 2019

Next General Membership Meeting April 9, 2019

Minutes of December 11 General Membership Meeting

CFLCA Minutes 12-11-18

General Membership Meeting- CFLCA

12/11/2018 630pm Holiday Party & 730pm General Meeting

  1. Call to Order 730pm
  2. Pledge
  3. Roll Call by Lockwood
  4. Review & Acceptance: 11/13/2018 Minutes approved with the following amendments:
    1. Concannon & Ulmer elected
    2. Christina Currie nominated as D4 rep
  5. Treasurer Report approx. $11k
  6. Police/Fire: Lt. Gary Martin handout SaferWatch flyers and remind of shopping/bank safety.
  7. Introduction of Guests
    1. Few words and thank you’s from the Mayor.
    2. Ella Parker & Jim Hetzel from Sustainable Dev. On Unified Flex Unit Strategy
      1. Summary of slide show: History by Jim: 2015-2018 process develops to where we are today. Looking @ where growth should be & align w/ county.  2018 a new flex policy is adopted which 1)guides future growth 2)has sustainability aspects (aligning various uses) Moving Forward by Ella: 1) want to define standards btwn. Res/commercial corridors looking @ transition zones and streetscape designs 2) a longer term approach to connectivity among residential/commercial corridors 3) affordable housing policy (establishing parameters considering % or paying into trust) key features are proximity to services, amenities, transportation noting that spreading across city reduces transportation costs.  NEXT: ULDR amendments & drafts to zoning
    3. Jack Malcom, Harbor Inlet presentation on how the flex zone was adopted
      1. What commission ended up approving on 3/6/18 is not what CFLCA supported on 2/13/18
      2. Presentation includes clips from videos: 6/14/17 PZB commission jt. Mtg., 11/7/17 commission note beach taken out and nothing E of intracoastal on map, 12/20/17 PZ meeting map same as November, 1/23/18 commission waiting for CFLCA everything from barrier island is excluded, 2/13/18 CFLCA supports map w/ nothing East of intracoastal, 3/2018 commission 0 discussion on barrier island and pass w/o opposition the map has 2 added areas east of intracoastal.
  • Malcom is seeking CFLCA resolution calling for City commission to review unified flex strategy and Currie requests his presentation be posted online & transmitted as hyperlink if motion passes or as flash drive if too large to post
  1. Comments from group & Ella/Hetzel
    1. Ella/Hetzel understand the concerns of CFLCA and frustration.
    2. Group
      1. Sorensen told someone was horrific and Dean said will get to bottom of it.
      2. This is a process issue. The materials say CFLCA supports something it did not.
      3. Lobbyist of 2 areas admits speaking to 4 of 5 commissioners w/o signing it and none of them ever admit speaking to the lobbyist.
      4. Concern of sunshine violations. Hetzel says not violation b/c in backup materials
  • MOTION BY MARILYN MAMMANO 2NDBY LOCKWOOD, 0 OPPOSED & ULMER ABSTAINS B/C HAS NOT SPOKE TO BOARD: Moves that the CFLCA draft a correspondence to the City Commission requesting the 3/6/18 flex unit map be reviewed and that in lieu of the 3/6/18 map the City Commission adopt the same map approved by PZB & CFLCA showing no flex units east of intracoastal.
  1. Reports
    1. President’s Report-
      1. 830 PM Read in 12/11/18 Joint workshop letter & discuss.
        1. Notes to add language @ beginning and end citing to desire to have Jnt. Workshop in q1 2019 in the spirit of furthering transparency and efficiency
        2. Discussion on letter highlight need for coverage of the following topics already within the letter or referenced in 8ai herein: veering off agenda/negotiations off dais; how CM hire occurred; how Flex map was adopted/needs fix; sharing of JM presentation ref’d feedback mixing that w/ this letter could slow flex response & is covered in sep. motion.
        3. MOTION BY CHRISTINA CURRIE 2NDBY CONCANNON OPPOSED BY ULMER ALL OTHERS IN FAVOR: Moves that the CFLCA Board transmit the letter which was read into minutes with amendments on transparency, efficiency, & q1 2019 deadline.
      2. Accomplishments in 2018: sober homes, ITF created, community event eval. Process, community info. Mtgs.
        1. Looking forward community info meetings on bonds especially parks and consider committee for it
      3. Membership Report- 2018 Membership Roll Confirm Reps & Alts. NOT COVERED
      4. Committee reports-
        1. ITF- Mammano defers on report tonight but offers to present to any Associations in 2019 with reference to correspondence she presented on at the Nov. GM. & passed that letter around again
        2. Special events committee- bill burn
          1. Requests for sign up to provide meeting refreshments
        3. New Business
          1. Member event Brightline 2/11/18 to WPB
        4. Old Business
          1. Election of District 4 Representative Christina Currie all in favor
        5. For the Good of the Community
          1. Introduction of new presidents
        6. Adjourn @ 9pm


Submitted by Christina Currie, Esq.

Sitting in as secretary.