Council Corner

CFLCA Voted to Regulate Sober Homes

At the August 8 2017 General Membership Meeting The following resolution passed unanimously

“The Council of Fort Lauderdale Civic Associations requests that the Commission instruct the City Manager to prepare a draft ordinance to regulate Sober Homes and that the draft ordinance be placed a Commission Conference Agenda for discussion as soon as possible”

You can download the the following letter that was sent to the Commission on August 10.   Sober Homes Letter

Zoning for Sober Homes

Delray Beach recently passed an ordinance to regulate Sober Homes. Several neighborhoods in Fort Lauderdale have been dealing with similar issues for years. Until recently there seemed to be no hope of regulations. Given Delray’s recent actions, Poinciana Park passed a resolution asking the Fort Lauderdale City Commission to move on similar regulations. You can read their resolution here PPCA Board Action requesting enactment of Governess of Halfway Homes

An easy to understand description of the Delary Beach Ordinance is provided here Explain No 25-17

Sun Sentinel Articles about the issue

Delray and Boynton approve rules to regulate sober homes – Sun Sentinel

One sober home per block? Delray considers new rules for group housing – Sun Sentinel

Proposed Ordinance for Medical Marijuana Dispensories

As mentioned at the April Council Meeting this week, we are posting the full text of the proposed ordinance regulating medical marijuana dispensories.

What you will see in the draft ordinance is that it looks pretty much like what we discussed  at the March Council Meeting—so, no surprises.  

It goes to P&Z next week and then off to Commission in early May.  Of course, it could be amended a bit by the time it gets through Commission.

We’ll be watching it closely.

Attached you will find the draft of the proposed Medical Cannabis Dispensing Facility Ordinance for the City of Fort Lauderdale along with the corresponding GIS map. This item is set to appear in front of the Planning and Zoning Board on Tuesday April 18th in the City Commission Chambers at 100 N Andrews Avenue. The meeting begins at 6:30 PM and will be heard as soon as the other planning items are completed. A copy of the April PZB agenda is also attached.

There will also be another open house at the Sustainable Development Department on Monday April 24th from 4 PM to 6 PM to discuss the recommendations. It is anticipated that the item will be heard by the City Commission at the May 5th and May 16th meeting dates.

Should you have any questions or comments call Eric Engmann Department of Sustainability 954 828 5868

Exhibit 1 Proposed Ordinance

Exhibit 2 Siting Map

November 8 General Membership Meeting in ON!

We will have our General Membership Meeting on November 8, even though it is Election Day. By then you will already have voted and need a break before the returns are in. If you haven’t voted by then, go vote, and we will get together at the December 13 Holiday Party/Meeting