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General Meeting Agenda 11.12.2019 & Parks Bond Q’s Submitted

CFLCA GM Agenda 11_12_2019 FINAL


To prepare for the Nov. 2019 General Meeting CFLCA members submitted questions relating to the status of the “parks bond.”  The questions were provided to Chris Lagerbloom, Phil Thornburg, and Zoie Saunders on 11/6/2019 with the aim of making sure the questions are responded to during their presentation(s).  To questions can be viewed via the link above.

Questions that are specific to your neighborhood can be sent to: Phil Thornburg [email protected]

Do you need more Sun Trolley or Public Transportation Stops in your neighborhood?


On 9/10/2019 at the CFLCA General Meeting neighbor feedback was collected. Residents in attendance from Rock Island and River Gardens/Sweeting Estates indicated an interest in additional trolley stops/public transportation.

If your neighborhood would like to request additional trolley stops/public transportation please contact Robyn Chiarelli so she can arrange a meeting with your Association to fully understand your needs and to discuss if/how Downtown Fort Lauderdale Transportation Management Association may be able to fulfill them.

Downtown Fort Lauderdale Transportation Management Association compiles route / stop requests and brings them forward to the City and TMA Board for consideration in the case that multiple people or groups come forward with the same request.

ROBYN CHIARELLI, Executive Director
Downtown Fort Lauderdale
Transportation Management Association
290 NE Third Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
office: 954-TROLLEY
[email protected]


9.23.2019 CFLCA Board Communication RE: Proposed ILA

CFLCA Position Stmt Suggested Continuing Resp. of TAM 9.23.2019

Date:                           September 24, 2019

Sent on Behalf of:     Colleen Lockwood, CFLCA President

To:                              Fort Lauderdale Mayor, City Commission, City Manager

CC:                             Greg Stuart, Ben Rogers, CFLCA Board of Directors

 Honorable Mayor, Commissioners, City Manager, Mr. Stuart and Mr. Rogers:

On September 23, 2019 the Council of Fort Lauderdale Civic Associations, Inc. (“CFLCA”) held a Board Meeting at the Fort Lauderdale City Hall. Quorum requirements were met and the following Board Members were in attendance: Colleen Lockwood, Stan Eichelbaum, Deborah Rosenbaum, Christina Currie, Mary Peloquin, Marilyn Mammano, Jim Concannon, Michael Albetta, and Kelly Manning.

The matter of the proposed ILA between the City of Fort Lauderdale and Broward MPO was again discussed at length as it is a matter of great concern to our members.

Upon close of discussion the CFLCA Board of Directors unanimously voted to make the following request to City Officials.

Now that the proposed ILA between the City of Fort Lauderdale and Broward MPO is on hold pending additional discussion & negotiations the CFLCA Board of Directors respectfully requests that the attached “Suggested Continuing Responsibilities of the Transportation & Mobility Department” be incorporated into the ILA discussion/negotiation.

This request is in addition to the request we made for the following which have yet to be fulfilled:  “that City expeditiously hire a full time dedicated Transportation and Mobility Director for the Transportation and Mobility Department and provide the organizational chart/visual chart referenced in by City Manager Lagerbloom at the August 22nd special meeting to CFLCA President as soon as possible.”

Requested materials and responses to this correspondence should be email directed to Colleen Lockwood, CFLCA President, at [email protected].

Respectfully Submitted,

Christina Currie, CFLCA Secretary

For Colleen Lockwood, CFLCA President


Suggested Continuing Responsibilities

of the Transportation & Mobility Department


  • Work with neighborhood associations to draft, design and implement neighborhood mobility plans [e.g. Tarpon River]. (Planner, Engineer).


  • Respond to concerns about traffic and transportation problems in neighborhoods such as safety concerns, cut through traffic, crosswalks/signal requests, and inadequate signage. Example actions include speed humps, roundabouts, multi-way stops, ‘watch your speed’ signs, (Engineer, Planner).


  • Plan and implement new sidewalk requests (Engineer for design and construction, Planner for public consultation and help develop plans).


  • Research, write and solicit grants from the MPO and other agencies and organizations. Designs and administers grant funded projects. (Planner with support from engineering.)


  • Examine and develop timing plans for signals and coordinates with BCTE to implement. (Engineer).


  • Provide City expertise and local knowledge for Corridor (Las Olas Corridor, SE 17th Street Corridor, Convention Center, NE 15th Avenue Median, Bayview Drive, North Beach Village, A1A Corridor, and Davie Boulevard) and Development of Regional Impact (DRI)). [Engineer, Planner].


  • Provide City expertise and local knowledge on FDOT, BC and similar agency proposals that impact the City. Leverages enhancements to benefit City. [Engineer, Planner].


  • Examine transportation and traffic effects of proposed developments/redevelopments and encourages improvements. Review and improve Maintenance of Traffic Plans (MOTs). [Engineer].


  • Examine and analyze impacts of emerging transportation technologies (e.g. scooters, autonomous vehicles (AV), ridesharing) and proposes infrastructure changes. [Engineer, Planner].



Save the Date: October 10th General Meeting Topic “Education in the City of Fort Lauderdale”

On October 10, 2019 the CFLCA General Meeting will focus on education in the City of Fort Lauderdale.  Please join us for a social at 6pm and 6:30pm meeting start time.

President Colleen Lockwood will speak to us about Broward Bridge 2 Life, other speakers will include:

  • Zoie Saunders, City of Fort Lauderdale Chief Education Officer
  • Maj. Gregory Salters, FLPD
  • Heather Brinkworth, Current Broward School Board Chair & Broward School Board Member (District 3)
  • Qwesha Keen, Broward College

Notice of Proposed Bylaws Amendments for Nov. 12, 2019 GM Vote



Date: August 27, 2019

To: CFLCA General Membership

From: Christina Currie, Bylaws Committee Chair

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE THAT ON NOVEMBER 12, 2019 AT 6:30PM during the CFLCA General Meeting in the 8th Floor Conference Room of the Fort Lauderdale City Hall PROPOSED AMENDMENTS TO THE CFLCA BYLAWS will be presented to the membership for vote. 


On April 9, 2019 the General Membership voted to form a Bylaws Committee consisting of the following: Christina Currie, Marilyn Mammano, Jim Concannon, and Dennis Ulmer.

The focus of the Committee was to eliminate duplicate language, combine references spread throughout into related sections, add clarity to facilitate continuity and smooth transitions in the future, and to make expectations of members clear.

After multiple meetings the Committee drafted proposed amendments to the CFLCA bylaws and provided a summary and mark-up to the CFLCA Board of Directors.

During the 8/26/2019 CFLCA Board meeting a presentation on the proposed amendments was given by Chair Currie and a discussion ensued.  Upon close of discussion the CFLCA Board of Directors unanimously moved to present proposed bylaws amendments to the General Membership.  All members of the Board of Directors were in attendance.

Attached hereto is a Summary of the Proposed Amendments and a Mark-Up to the existing bylaws which were last amended on September 13, 2011.

Questions or comments regarding the Proposed Amendments should be directed to the Bylaws Committee Chair, Christina Currie via email: [email protected].


General Meeting Time Change

At the 6/11/2019 General Meeting a vote was taken to change the start time of General Meetings with only 1 association opposing the change.

Beginning with the the August 13, 2019 General Meeting the social will start at 6:00pm and the meeting will commence at 6:30pm.

If the membership determines this time is less convenient than a 7pm start time a vote will be taken to change the time.

Vacation Rental Preemption Bills Die in Tallahassee

We won this year’s battle but need to be prepared to fight again next year

At the April 9 General Membership Meeting, City Manager Christopher Lagerbloom gave us an update on the status of HB 987 “Vacation Rentals” and SB 824 ” Private Property Rights of Homeowners” which are currently being voted on in various committees on their way to becoming law. Both these bills seek to preempt the regulation of vacation rentals to the State and would invalidate Fort Lauderdale’s current vacation rental regulations. Apparently the “property right” to turn a house into a hotel is more important than the “property right” of residents to the peaceful enjoyment of their home and the safety of their families.

CFLCA voted unanimously to oppose both bills.