Minutes of October 10, 2017 General Meeting

You can download the minutes here Minutes-10.10.2017


Council of Fort Lauderdale Civic Associations

General Membership Meeting

October 10, 2017


Call to order: The meeting was called to order by Ron Centamore, President, at 7:00pm.

Roll Call: taken by Betty Shelley, a quorum was established.

Approval of Minutes: Jackson made a motion to accept minutes for August 08, 2017 meeting. Motion was seconded by Betty Shelley and passed.

Treasurer’s Report: balance: $5290 in main account; $318 in old BBT account; CD is $5273.

Police/Fire Report: No report.


Karkanne Grant, City Planner II and Anthony Fajardo, Dir., Dept. of Sustainable Development presented an updated on three changes to city codes. 1) Sign code: recent Supreme Court case ruling is that sin codes must be content neutral. So, Fort Lauderdale, like many municipalities needs to revise our code. They made a proposal to P and Z on Sept. 18th, and are now making some minor changes requested by that board. New ordinance will focus on size, font and locations—again, they cannot regulate content. 2) Regulation about food service/distribution (which relates to feeding of homeless) was moved from zoning code to Code of Ordinance, but no content change was made. 3) Changing definition of “residential” in code—to reference use rather than structure. This relates to, among other issues, short-term rentals.

Rob Corbin, Broward County Schools, gave a detailed update on the school improvement projects within Fort Lauderdale.

Reports & Updates:

President Ron Centamore announced that the City is having a workshop on October 24th about the Comprehensive Plan.

Fred Stresau gave an updated on the Infrastructure Task Force, specifically related to a Consultant’s proposal that the implementation of a new method of allocating storm water fees.  Information about this and other Infrastructure Committee issues/work can be found on the City website.


  • President Centamore announced that Dennis Ulmer has been appointed by the City as Consumer Advocate.

Adjournment – meeting adjourned at 8:50pm

Respectfully submitted by Barbara Weinstein, Secretary